Press release

Private customers / 04.10.2006

devolo introduces the world‘s first HomePlug AV product: dLAN 200 AVdesk with data rates of 200 Mbps


The dLAN 200 AVdesk is retailing now at EUR 129.90 (individual adapter) and at EUR 229.90 (Starter Kit with two adapters). devolo AG, the networking specialist based in Aachen, Germany, pioneer and European market leader in HomePlug technology, introduces the world‘s first HomePlug AV-based product with data transfer rates of up to 200 Mbps. As the very first manufacturer, devolo presents a product based on the HomePlug AV technology—the dLAN 200 AVdesk. The new technology behind this product is based on the HomePlug AV chip from Intellon and is the first to give users broadband networking at every power socket in the house. The integrated Quality of Service function (QoS) enables the smooth transmission of high-resolution video over in-house powerlines. For example, two HDTV streams can be watched simultaneously without jerky pictures. And the best thing is: There is no need to lay new cables—the network infrastructure is already available in every household. The dLAN 200 AVdesk is retailing now at EUR 129.90 (individual adapter) and at EUR 229.90 (Starter Kit with two adapters).

HomePlug AV—the new standard for in-house powerline HomePlug AV is the new international standard for data communications via in-house powerlines and is capable of fast data rates of up to 200 Mbps and smooth video streaming. Once again, devolo is taking the lead in the introduction of new technologies by launching the world‘s first HomePlug AV-based product, the dLAN 200 AVdesk. Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG, is confident of the benefits to the user benefits and of the quality: "HomePlug AV transforms in-house powerlines into the backbone for a home network and enables Internet TV and video-on-demand to be used throughout the home—this is true value-added for our customers." Because, as Harbers goes on to say, HomePlug AV provides a holistic approach for a true and all-embracing home network. Other major companies see HomePlug AV as a platform for the future. Along with devolo, members of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance include companies such as Sony, Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments and Samsung.

High speed—at 200 Mbps through the powerline

With the new dLAN 200 AVdesk, devolo expands its popular dLAN line with their first HomePlug AV product. More products based on this new technology standard are due to follow. This desktop adapter features an Ethernet connector, which enables any Ethernet-capable network device to be quickly and easily integrated into the network. A Europlug for connection to the power supply is included. The dLAN 200 AVdesk offers users the advantage that every power socket in the house can be used as a broadband network connection. The gross bandwidth at 200 Mbps is sufficient, for example, to simultaneously transport two HDTV signals (66 – 84 Mbps), home-theatre audio or CD audio into two rooms (9 - 11 Mbps) and six VoIP telephone calls (1 Mbps) throughout the home network—and even then it still has the capacity to transfer IP data at 10 Mbps.

dLAN—easy network installation, guaranteed

So simple and yet so clever! HomePlug AV is a powerful network system available throughout the household and capable of supporting multi-HDTV streams. Plug&Play technology along with auto-configuration make it easy to install. It is also secure from eavesdroppers. Just like devolo‘s other dLAN products, it is very easy to put the dLAN 200 AVdesk into operation. True to the motto "unpack - plug in - network" the dLAN 200 AVdesk offers a genuine Plug&Play experience. The dLAN adapters in the power circuit automatically detect and interconnect to one another. All dLAN adapters located in the power circuit can optionally be managed with the software supplied—although this is not essential for the devices to function. With no data transfer in progress the dLAN 200 AVdesk automatically falls back to a power-saving mode, so reducing its energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

Optimal protection and security

dLAN networks are renowned for their particularly high levels of security. Unlike with WLAN networks, a potential attacker first has to gain physical access to the user‘s power circuit to be able to access the data. Furthermore, dLAN 200 AVdesk ensures particularly high security as 128bit AES (the Advanced Encryption Standard) is integrated.

Available in retail

The dLAN 200 AVdesk (RRP EUR 129.90) and the dLAN 200 AVdesk Starter Kit (RRP EUR 229.90) will be available in retail from now.