Press release

Company / 31.08.2015

devolo introduces d-Bizz, the new partner programme for resellers and system providers


devolo AG, based in Aachen, began offering a new partner programme in August 2015 specially designed for resellers and system providers. In doing so, devolo is emphasising its new business alignment and declaring its clear commitment to specialist retailers. Through the new programme, called d-Bizz, the Powerline specialist provides registered partners with the customised tools and information to promote product sales for commercial customers. In addition, d-Bizz acts as a platform for the in-depth exchange of information between the company and its partners. Registration and membership in d-Bizz are free of charge.

The new d-Bizz partner programme

Specialist retailers, resellers and system providers have always been essential partners of devolo AG. The establishment of the new Business Solutions business unit at the beginning of the year provided an early demonstration of devolo‘s dedication to this area. This business unit focusses specifically on the market of commercial applications.devolo is now in the process of optimising contact between the company and partners, and is offering resellers and system providers their own partner programme customised for their individual products and needs. The option to register for d-Bizz at free of charge became available in August.

Benefits for registered partners with d-Bizz

After the one-time registration and authorisation, d-Bizz partners immediately gain access to a comprehensive range of free sales tools. Attractive purchasing terms and direct contact with devolo are the major focus. d-Bizz partners receive immediate help with questions or problems, customised support with marketing and sales campaigns as well as the opportunity for knowledge and expertise transfer through training and professional development free of charge. "The sharp increase in possible solutions in the age of digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things poses new challenges for our business partners. In this situation, we not only offer support through our products but also through well-conceived solutions and concepts," says Thomas Retzlaff, Director Sales Business Solutions.Furthermore, the programme will experience dynamic growth and will be supplemented with additional components and offers over time. devolo is, for example, planning an archive of webinars, in which recordings of webinars can be accessed repeatedly by subscribers. Partner websites will, moreover, be increasingly integrated in future. As a result, a WebPorter option will allow devolo to incorporate and continually update content directly using iFrames.

Win/win - in-depth exchange and feedback is desired

devolo will not only optimally support its partners but also wants to network closely with its customers. d-Bizz has, therefore, been designed as a portal for the productive exchange of information and ideas. Shared experiences are in turn used to develop webinars, training sessions and advertising materials (online and offline). "We are creating a win/win situation with d-Bizz. Those who actively contribute to d-Bizz through feedback not only improve a networking resource for manufacturers, but also improve their own sales success thanks to optimised marketing strategies," says Retzlaff.

Partner network in all of Europe

In August, d-Bizz is launching in devolo‘s four focus markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. The partner programme will then be expanded in the weeks and months to follow to include additional European markets where devolo has representatives.

Thomas Retzlaff is responsible for the programme. He brings many years of industry experience and an extensive IT network to the table. "I am very much looking forward to the tasks and projects lying ahead of me. We have a lot of ideas and plans for continuously improving co-operation with our specialist retail partners, and we want to implement these ideas together."