Press release

Trade area / 06.03.2007

devolo innovations at CeBIT 2007: Network hard disk with integrated HomePlug technology and TV transmission via powerline


The new products offer a glimpse of the future in home networking. devolo AG, the networking specialist based in Aachen, Germany, pioneer and European market leader in HomePlug technology, arrives at this year‘s CeBIT in Hanover with yet more innovations to show. The new products offer a glimpse of the future in home networking: On the devolo stand in Hall 13, the powerline specialists present a network hard disk with integrated HomePlug technology (dLAN NAS) and they demonstrate the transmission of satellite TV signals (DVB-S) via in-house powerlines (dLAN NAT).

Network hard disk – dLAN NASThe ever increasing volumes of data demand more and more storage space. Pictures, videos and MP3s need to be kept organised. How convenient, then, to have a hard disk that can be set up anywhere in the house and that can then be accessed from every room. At CeBIT, devolo premiers the dLAN NAS (Network Attached Storage), a network hard disk with an integrated HomePlug AV adapter that transfers data at up to 200 Mbps. Just plug in the power plug and this device immediately joins the dLAN network. The advantage of this concept is obvious: There is no need to place the dLAN NAS next to the PC—it can literally be located "anywhere in the house". The only requirement is a power point. Saving files takes place directly via the in-house powerlines: All of the files are available at any time, anywhere in the house—no disk changes, no re-plugging of cables, and no need to burn DVDs. The dLAN NAS is expected to be on sale from Q4/2007.

Satellite TV transmission via powerline – dLAN NAT

Receive digital TV in every room? This was impossible until now because coax outlets are not available all over the house. The solution to this problem can be viewed at devolo‘s CeBIT booth: The dLAN NAT (Network Attached Tuner) provides a simple means of distributing a SDTV/HDTV-quality DVB-S signal over the in house powerlines—there‘s no need to lay any coax cable. The satellite signal can be received at any power point. The dLAN NAT has an integrated dLAN 200 AV adapter which feeds the SAT signal into the mains power circuit. This technology developed by devolo is suitable not only for DVB S, but for DVB T and DVB C as well.