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Smart Grid / 24.10.2012

devolo HomePlug Green PHY module for E-Mobility, available in December 2012


As the only global manufacturer, the Aachen-based Powerline specialist is expected to be shipping out certified HomePlug Green PHY modules in large production quantities already by December 2012. In addition to a charging station‘s transmission, devolo HomePlug Green PHY modules also enable ground-breaking new services such as accounting, authentication and exchanging data with vehicle electronics.

devolo is addressing the E-Mobility growth market with its HomePlug Green PHY products and solutions. According to the plan from the German Federal government, at least 1 million electric vehicles are to be on the road in Germany alone by 2020. The Aachen, Germany-based Powerline specialist is providing innovative solutions for the charging communication for those vehicles. HomePlug Green PHY was established in ISO 15118 as a Europe-wide standard for communication between charging stations and electric vehicles. As a member of the HomePlug Alliance and the responsible committee, devolo played a crucial role in drafting this standard. Charging station manufacturers and the automobile industry now rely exclusively on this reliable standard, which guarantees a seamless and secure exchange of data.

- devolo provides HomePlug Green PHY modules starting in December 2012- The standard for charging communication and additional services- HomePlug Green PHY as a flexible solution concept

devolo provides HomePlug Green PHY modules starting in December 2012

devolo is expected to provide finished dLAN® HomePlug Green PHY products in large-series quantities by December 2012. The compact dLAN® HomePlug Green PHY modules can be integrated easily and cost-effectively into existing charging stations in accordance with the small-footprint standard. They are being manufactured and inspected in accordance with all relevant standards for charging system communication. devolo ensures maximum reliability thanks to certified manufacturing.

The standard for charging communication and additional services

dLAN® HomePlug Green PHY modules guarantee stable and secure communication between electric vehicles and charging stations during the charging process. The charging connection‘s pilot line is used for IP-based data communication in the process. This connection is necessary to send information to the charging station during DC current charging.

AC current and DC current systems benefit from forward-looking services, which can be implemented using this communication. Alongside accounting solutions for charging station operators, offerings from automakers could also be integrated. Future scenarios are conceivable where it will be possible to read out information in the event of a problem or to install new firmware. dLAN® HomePlug Green PHY is fully compatible with current Powerline products. Therefore, a smart home will be able to communicate with a car in the future. For instance, this allows music, movies, trip routes for a navigation system or contact information for the integrated address or telephone book to be exchanged conveniently.

HomePlug Green PHY as a flexible solution concept

As the global market leader in the Powerline segment with more than ten years of research and manufacturing experience, devolo confronts the challenges of charging communication in E-Mobility with proven solution concepts. devolo can offer turnkey HomePlug Green PHY integration solutions for charging station communication, which can then be implemented by the manufacturer directly. In this context, various expansion stages for the charging stations are conceivable. The offering ranges from a modular solution for classic communication applications to fully integrated complete HomePlug Green PHY systems via DIN rail adapters with host processor utilisation for high-level communication. This one-of-a-kind expansion stage concept for charging stations enables a needs-based and cost-effective integration, in co-ordination with the respective customer.

"In the E-Mobility communication market, devolo benefits from its Powerline expertise and its long-term experience in OEM business," explains Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "devolo already has the infrastructure for manufacturing embedded products thanks to dLAN® modules. Thus, as the world‘s first and only manufacturer of HomePlug Green PHY modules, we can offer them in large-series production quantities, expected to be available in December 2012."