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Private customers / 25.04.2018

devolo Home Control now works with Google Home: Voice control for the smart home

devolo Home Control now works with Google Home: Voice control for the smart home
"Ok Google: Turn on the light!" Commands like this now work for devolo Home Control. After some quick set-up, owners of a Google Home product have a wide selection of smart home voice commands available, from controlling the lighting to arming an alarm system to adjusting radiator thermostats.

The future is now: setting up voice control in just a few steps

The path to voice control is straightforward: devolo Home Control owners just need a Google Home or Google Home Mini smart speaker. In the associated Google Home app, they can then go to "Smart Home Control" and click on the "+" sign to add their devolo Home Control system. Done! From then on, voice control is available for their Smart Metering Plugs, Radiator Thermostats, Room Thermostats, Wall Switches as well as for all scenarios, rules and time programs.

Control everything with just your voice

"Ok Google: Set the bathroom temperature to 20º Celsius!" devolo Home Control carries out this command and many others the moment you say so. Whether it‘s your Radiator Thermostat in the bathroom or the living room or even a whole group of devices, you no longer need to throw a switch or reach for your smartphone. This is especially helpful if you don‘t have a free hand. Someone balancing a plate of crisps and drinks as they make their way to the sofa can just call out to their smart home, "Ok Google: Time to watch television!" If a scenario with the corresponding name has been saved, then the television and the lights will be switched on automatically.

Open system for maximum versatility

Users have access to both native Home Control components and numerous products from third-party suppliers. The intelligent Home Control Central Unit from devolo makes it possible to combine smart home products from different manufacturers with each other. And now you can start them with "Ok Google."

Exemplary product maintenance: regular and free updates

devolo Home Control offers more for less. Unlike other solutions, which only control individual products via Google Home (WiFi power outlets, for instance), Home Control provides comprehensive smart home voice control, ensuring increased security, convenience and efficient energy usage. A devolo Home Control Starter Pack is available at a starting price of 219.90 euros. No additional monthly usage fees apply. In addition, the latest Home Control update is—as always—free.

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