Press release

Private customers / 24.03.2015

devolo Home Control now available in stores - the easy DIY smart home!

devolo presents the easy DIY smart home with Home Control! The new product world based on the Z-Wave® global wireless standard makes any home a smart home in no time, ensuring greater comfort and convenience, more security and easy energy savings. devolo has developed a series of Home Control components that can be set up easily and don‘t require expert-level knowledge to install. All Home Control components can be expanded with additional components at any time and be combined with each other. The system is controlled using the my devolo app and the my devolo online portal: use the smartphone, tablet or computer - from home or anywhere in the world.

The DIY smart home

Wouldn‘t it be nice if our home were a little more intelligent? If a radiator would turn off automatically because a window is opened or if the lights would come on when we go into the hallway at night? If a smoke detector not only warns you with an alarm tone, but also via e-mail or text message?

devolo has developed Home Control as a DIY smart home solution. All components support especially simple installation; the accessories required for assembly are included in the scope of delivery. The hassle of routing cables and drilling is eliminated. Setup is possible directly using the app. This allows any home to become a smart home in minutes. If you move, devolo Home Control can also be easily uninstalled and set up again at the new place.

Comprehensive Home Control portfolio at launch

devolo is providing a comprehensive selection of Home Control components right from the beginning. The Home Control central unit takes centre stage. It is required as a control unit for any installation. The following components can be combined together individually: door-/window contact, motion sensor, smoke detector, radiator control, room thermostat, metering plug, scene switch and remote control. This means the areas of heating, lighting control, device control and building security are covered right at launch. Exciting expansions of devolo Home Control components will follow in coming months. This makes devolo Home Control a future-proof investment for your home.

Control and monitor any home using an app

The intuitive my devolo app for smartphones and tablets as well as the my devolo online portal allow the entire home to be controlled and monitored easily anywhere in the world. Usability is the main focus for the my devolo app. The system can be set up quickly and easily by anyone without having any prior experience or expert-level knowledge.

Intelligent scenarios and smart timers

Comfort, security and energy savings go hand in hand with devolo Home Control. Intuitive if/then circuits can be used to connect individual Home Control components in no time. This means the motion sensor in the hallway can do more than switch on the light, it can also provide information about uninvited guests via text message or e-mail if the residents are not home. Smart timers also automate regular processes. Your bathroom can be pre-heated in the morning, afterwards the radiator regulates room temperature for the best possible energy efficiency.

Web-based control and security

Web-based control over your home provides exceptional convenience: electrical devices, lighting and heating can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. At the same time, the app allows you to easily keep tabs on your home. Are all the windows closed? Is the temperature set correctly in every room? Was a door opened without permission? However, many users want to be able to deactivate access via Internet. This is possible at the touch of a button with devolo Home Control. Operation of the Smart Home solution is then possible only at home using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Based on the Z-Wave smart home standard and dLAN® Powerline

devolo uses the Z-Wave international smart home standard for connecting individual Home Control components. The Z-Wave wireless technology features exceptionally long range, allowing all rooms to be covered, even in large buildings. Z-Wave has been developed specifically for use in the smart home and provides outstanding stability as a result. In addition, the devolo Home Control central unit is equipped with dLAN® Powerline technology: dLAN® users can use this technology to integrate into the existing network with exceptional ease and it enables optimal positioning of the device in the home.

Prices and availability

The devolo Home Control is available in stores in Germany and Austria starting immediately. For a straightforward start, devolo recommends the Home Control Starter Kit with the central control unit, the door-/window contact and the metering plug for 219 euros (recommended retail price).