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Company / 04.03.2014

devolo Home Control: Home automation made simple - devolo announces a new product portfolio for greater comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency


devolo has been providing dLAN® Powerline for simple home networking for more than ten years, giving users a strong, secure connection for computers, digital consumer electronics and smart home technologies. devolo Home Control is a newly unveiled product line for simple home automation and represents the company‘s next logical step in 2014. The devolo solution for smart homes is easy to retrofit, easy to operate and easy to expand—giving it the same core attributes that have made devolo a world market leader in Powerline home networks. devolo will offer a comprehensive Home Control product portfolio to cover every aspect of the smart home, including security, comfort, convenience and energy savings.

devolo makes it easy: Making your home into a smart home

The requirements for a modern home have grown. For years, the focus has been on a stable and secure connection for computers and state-of-the-art consumer electronics. Now users are seeking more control over their home, a concept called the "smart home" for short. Existing systems were not particularly attractive for most people. Exceedingly high prices, generally over-complicated operation, time-consuming and expensive installation as well as isolated solutions for each area have left the dreams of a smart home unfulfilled. The world market leader in Powerline home networks is developing devolo Home Control as the first simple home automation solution.

Easy to retrofit, easy to operate and easy to expand

devolo Home Control offers the core attributes that users are familiar with from the world of dLAN® adapters: Easy to retrofit, easy to operate and easy to expand. It is an entirely new solution that encompasses all of the key areas for smart homes. Thanks to its modular design, it can also be tailored to each individual home. This allows devolo Home Control to grow to meet the tasks to hand; it can even be installed piece by piece or modified as needed.

Basic needs for safety, security, comfort, convenience and energy savings as driving forces

devolo‘s focus on the basic needs of safety, security, comfort and convenience covers the essential requirements for a smart home. In times of rising energy costs, efficient utilisation of energy is an important factor. devolo Home Control harmonises all of these needs and offers a simple, integrated solution. devolo Home Control will be developed as an independent product portfolio alongside its line of dLAN® Powerline adapters. As with its Powerline solutions, the company is building on open architecture based on international standards for Home Control as well.

Simple home automation from the world market leader in Powerline home networks

"The development of the Home Control product line is a logical step for devolo," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "With more than 20 million Powerline products sold in Europe, we as a manufacturer represent simple, secure and stable home networking—aspects that give us firm footing. The market for an easy smart home solution is there. Many people are looking for greater comfort and convenience and more safety and security at home—and want to lower their energy costs at the same time. devolo Home Control does precisely that and fits perfectly in any house thanks to the capacity for flexible expansion its architecture provides."

devolo Home Control will celebrate its official unveiling at the IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited trade fair in Berlin in 2014.