Press release

Company / 22.05.2014

devolo founds Spanish subsidiary devolo Spain S.L.: Powerline home network in Spain continues on the path of success


With its own Spanish subsidiary, devolo AG is stepping up its marketing and sales activities in the region. The experienced sales team lead by Director Lucio Lascaray and Key Account Managers Frank Freixinet and Guillermo Marín aims to further expand devolo‘s leading position in the Powerline home network segment and successfully establish devolo Home Control, the upcoming home automation product line, on the market. The new company devolo Spain S.L., which also includes technical support, is located in Barcelona and was founded on April 1, 2014.

Spanish market for home network products is flourishing

Sales of devolo dLAN® Powerline products in Spain have been on a very positive trend with 60 percent growth in the last fiscal year. As part of the foundation of devolo Spain S.L., the new strategy includes plans to break into new market segments and strengthen relationships with existing business partners.

"The Spanish market for home network products is characterised by strong growth," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "We want to use this subsidiary to expand sales and support in the region and improve the excellent results of the sales agency, which has achieved a market share of over 50 percent, with our own team."

New dLAN® product line and devolo Home Control as driving forces

The growth strategy for the Spanish market is based on two central pillars. The first is to continue expanding the dLAN® Powerline portfolio in this region. After the successful launch of the dLAN® 650 adapter, the first products of the dLAN® 1000 generation will be introduced in Spain at the end of the year. The company will also tap into the market for easy home automation solutions for installation by homeowners in the near future with devolo Home Control. This business area also already features strong demand.

Experienced sales team continues on the path of success

The devolo subsidiary in Spain is working with a successful sales trio right from the start. devolo was able to hire Lucio Lascaray as the director. Lascaray has already successfully tapped into the Spanish market working for AV specialists Panda Security SL (formerly Panda Software) and Berlin-based Magix AG. Frank Freixinet is lending Lascaray support; the sales professional brings more than 24 years of IT expertise, acquired at retailers such as Fnac and MediaMarkt as well as working for the software manufacturer UbiSoft. Because of his work for various sales organisations, Freixinet is already well-versed in dLAN® Powerline products. devolo Spain S.L. is also supported by Guillermo Marín, an experienced IT and consumer electronics sales person, whose career path previously led him to Apple, Intel and Samsung.

devolo Spain S.L. was founded on April 1, 2014. A team of experienced IT specialists will provide devolo customers in Spain with optimum technical support.