Press release

Private customers / 08.11.2002

devolo expands its line of professional modems


along with their tried-and-trusted industrial modem MicroLink 56k i for data transmission over analogue telephone lines, the devolo AG of Aachen, Germany has now extended its portfolio with an ISDN modem for professional applications. The MicroLink ISDN i has been specifically designed for the rigours of industrial use and has been developed with special hardware and software features.

“Modems intended for industrial applications must achieve extremely high levels of reliability”, says Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG in Aachen, Germany. The newly formed company was founded by the employees of the insolvent Elsa AG who made MicroLink modems the market leader in Europe with sales of 15 million units. “We serve both the consumers and the market for professional solutions, which is why we have taken the MicroLink 56k i into our portfolio”, says Harbers. The demand for Internet-access devices that reliably use analogue telephone lines under the toughest of conditions is as high as ever.

The industrial modem MicroLink 56 k i is available from specialist resellers for EUR 199 incl. VAT and features a compact, stackable aluminium housing. Several security mechanisms ensure uninterrupted round-the-clock operation. For example, the so-called “Hardware Watchdog” not only detects broken connections or errors: it also restarts the modem automatically, thus preventing the system from locking up. This feature is most interesting when the modem is used in remote locations without operating personnel. Typical locations are wind-energy plants, waterworks or fully automated fabrication systems.

Not limited to a 230V power supply, the MicroLink 56k i also operates with AC voltages from 9V to 30V, and with DC voltages from 9V to 42V. The integrated feature Powerfail constantly monitors the power supply. If this drops below acceptable levels, the modem is stopped and only restarted after the necessary power supply has been re-established. Harbers: “Apart from these exceptional fail-safes, the range of functions also meets professional requirements. For example, the modem offers password-protected remote configuration, a feature that is common only to network routers. The automatic callback function simplifies remote control operations. This function only calls preset numbers, an additional contribution to system security.

“We have observed a recent trend towards the use of ISDN connections in industry”, reports devolo’s CEO. The reaction of the Aachen, Germany based data-communications specialists is the introduction of an ISDN modem for industrial applications to supplement its analogue version. This terminal adapter has also been specifically designed for the rigours of factory applications with special hardware and software features. The integrated flash memory facilitates the easy updating of firmware and new features. The MicroLink ISDN i also features a total of nine LEDs for monitoring and diagnostics. This similarly stackable device with its robust aluminium housing also features an integrated Watchdog that detects possible broken connections or system errors and takes immediate countermeasures. The ISDN professional modem MicroLink ISDN i will be available from specialist resellers for EUR 159.90 incl. VAT.