Press release

Company / 07.10.2003

devolo drops the price of HomePlug adapters


The devolo AG, based in Aachen, Germany, is reducing the pricing of its MicroLink dLAN (direct Local Area Network) line of products for PC-networking via mains power circuits—by up to a quarter on some products. The Starter Kit with two Ethernet adapters, for example, is now down from EUR 229.90 to just EUR 169.90.

“The high levels of demand and the resulting volumes allow us to cut prices for consumers by up to 25 percent on some products”, said Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG in Aachen, explaining the reductions that have been in force since October 1, 2003. The networking of PCs and gaming consoles via the existing in-house electrical wiring is reported to be a growth market that is still in the early stages of deveolopment. The rapidly increasing production volumes worldwide are having a stong effect on component pricing.

Whereas the retail price of the MicroLink dLAN USB adapter remains steady at EUR 99.90 (incl. VAT), the price of the Ethernet adapter has dropped from EUR 129.90 to today’s EUR 99.90. The two MicroLink dLAN Stater Kits Ethernet/USB and Ethenet/Ethernet, each featuring two adapters, are now also down in price to a uniform EUR 169.90 each. The same price applies to the new HomePlug adapter MicroLink dLAN Wireless for networking multiple PCs via the household power circuit with the flexibility of wireless technology based on the IEEE-802.11b standard.

Heiko Harbers: “These price reductions and the harmonisation of pricing structures should make HomePlug technology even more attractive to consumers”. There really is no reason not to use MicroLink dLAN to build up a home network.