Press release

Business customers / 08.06.2015

devolo dLAN® pro 1200+: Professional Powerline adapter with 1.2 Gbps and comprehensive remote management


The dLAN® pro 1200+ presented by devolo is a professional Powerline adapter of the dLAN® 1200 generation. This product combines powerful data transmission of up to 1.2 Gbps with comprehensive remote management. Thanks to range+ Technology with patented signal coupling and MIMO transmission, this adapter can achieve excellent performance, even for long distances.

Professional Powerline adapter for Internet and intranet throughout the building

Expand commercially used networks easily: The dLAN® pro 1200+ presented by devolo is a new, professional Powerline adapter that makes Internet and intranet available throughout the building. Thanks to the network connection over a building‘s power lines, this product is an ideal way for companies to implement concepts such as Industry 4.0 or retrofits. This allows the product to be used in a variety of settings, including industrial areas and commercial and office environments. 128-bit-data-encryption ensures secure transmission and the Quality Of Service performance feature guarantees data prioritisation.

Data transmission of 1.2 Gbps and MIMO technology

The dLAN® pro 1200+ features a dLAN® 1200 chip of the latest generation. It ensures data transmission of up to 1.2 Gbps via the building‘s internal power line. An optimal connection is also guaranteed by MIMO (multiple in multiple out) data transmission in range+ Technology: this technology utilises all three wires of the power cable—the phase, neutral conductor and earth wire—to provide parallel data transmission in the gigabit range for the first time. In addition, a signal coupling used exclusively in devolo adapters provides a maximum indoor range of up to 400 metres and a highly stable connection.

Gigabit Ethernet and integrated electrical socket with mains filter

The dLAN® pro 1200+ is equipped with a Gigabit-LAN port with Auto MDI-X function that enables it to pass on the fast Powerline data transmission to connected terminal devices or networks. The adapter also has an integrated electrical socket; no power outlet goes to waste. Furthermore, the adapter is equipped with a high-performance mains filter that reliably prevents possible interference with data transmission from connected terminal devices. For maximum security, the integrated electrical socket also has a child-safety feature.

Comprehensive remote management

The dLAN® pro 1200+ can be configured and maintained using dLAN® AVpro manager. The high-performance remote management tool offers an intuitive administration interface with beginner and expert modes and enables global access to the Powerline network. This means that not only professional dLAN® installations can be monitored via status monitoring with integrated live view, they can also be adjusted to the usage scenario on a case-by-case basis: adapter functions such as the PowerSave mode, encryption button and status LEDs are easy to disable. Firmware updates can be run easily on all adapters across the entire network.

Availability, price and compatibility

Starting in June 2015, the devolo dLAN® pro 1200+ will be available for purchase from electronics dealers and system providers. The recommended retail price of the dLAN® pro 1200+ is 99.90 euros (including VAT). For the dLAN® pro 1200+ Starter Kit, it is 188.90 euros (including VAT). The dLAN® pro 1200+ is fully compatible with all products from the devolo pro series and additional Powerline adapters in accordance with the HomePlug AV(2)-standard.