Press release

Smart Grid / 26.06.2013

devolo dLAN® Green PHY modules now come with adaptable software - software development kits for maximum customisation


devolo is stepping up its development in the Green PHY Powerline segment and now is offering an attractive small footprint embedded solution. With the introduction of two software development kits (SDKs), devolo is enabling customised adaptation for new application areas. Systems in the smart grid, smart home and area of electromobility communicate using Green PHY.

Green PHY integration modules in a small footprint form factor

Thanks to their small footprint form factor, dLAN® Green PHY modules can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into existing systems. This allows security concepts, housing technology and other features in a smart home to take advantage of communication over power lines. Thus no complicated rewiring is required to make a ‘networked home‘ a reality. Likewise, Green PHY is used in the smart grid and in the E-Mobility segment. devolo Green PHY modules for embedded use are manufactured and tested in accordance with all relevant European standards. devolo ensures maximum reliability thanks to certified manufacturing.

Software development kits for individualised Green PHY applications

With two software development kits (SDKs), devolo is ensuring the best possiblecustomised integration of Green PHY modules. All Powerline-specific parameters can beconfigured and monitored using the dLAN® SDK. The Green PHY SDK supports themicroprocessor also present on the module, thereby providing optimal adaptation to theapplication area of the module. Separate applications and the use of the various moduleinterfaces such as CAN bus, SPI, Ethernet or a serial interface enable customisedimplementation. For this purpose, a modifiable example application is available, whichgives developers full access to the control of the Green PHY modules and lets themcustomise the modules for their respective applications.

devolo Green PHY modules are a hit on the market

In almost no time, devolo has successfully positioned itself with the manufacturing ofGreen PHY modules. Some of the biggest customers so far are in the E-Mobility area:Manufacturers of charging infrastructure, such as KEBA AG, rely on devolo dLAN® GreenPHY modules for secure and stable communication between charging stations andelectric cars. To ensure smooth data transfer between stations and cars, devolo is incontinuous dialogue with globally leading manufacturers in the automotive industry and isa member of the corresponding standardisation committee for ISO 15118, whichdescribes all aspects of charging communication for electric vehicles.

The distributor CODICO is the core source of devolo Green PHY modules. TheCOmponent DIstributing COmpany epitomises design-in-sales of high-quality electroniccomponents in the areas of active and passive components as well as connectiontechnology throughout nearly all of Europe. Mr Werner Reis will gladly handle anyenquiries you might have; he can be reached via e-mail at