Press release

Company / 20.05.2014

devolo dLAN® 650 with range+ Technology: Multiple award-winning simple home networking


A remarkable series of testing awards and wins in comparative tests at renowned German and European computer magazines showcase the position of devolo‘s dLAN® 650 at the peak of Powerline home networking. devolo is the only manufacturer in the world using its patent-pending range+ Technology. Connecting computers, digital consumer electronics and smart home technologies to each other and to the internet has never been this efficient. This is coupled with a significant boost in range and increase in bandwidth to up to 600 Mbps for the first time.

devolo range+ Technology for one-of-a-kind performance boost

The performance advantage of the dLAN® 650 adapter stems from the use of one-of-a-kind range+ Technology that devolo has submitted for a patent. It provides a maximum transfer rate of up to 600 Mbps and ensures that all of the rooms are supplied with the best possible bandwidth available from your Internet connection, even in large homes. This is made possible for the very first time by having Powerline data communication use all three physical lines of the electric mains circuit, integrating the earth wire into transmission for the first time. devolo developed a hardware design with a one-of-a-kind connection for this, which is exclusively used in the new dLAN® 650 adapters.

In-house development instead of using reference designs


With more than 90 developers, devolo AG has one of the largest Powerline competency centres in the world at its company headquarters in Aachen, Germany. This expertise is resulting in the creation of extremely energy-efficient and high-performance solutions that are superior to the reference designs. An active devolo end customer community constantly provides the company with detailed feedback on their Powerline home networks. Constantly questioning the status quo is leading to one-of-a-kind solutions developed in real-world situations, such as the range+ Technology.

Multiple award-winning dLAN® 650 Powerline home network from devolo

The two models of the dLAN® 650 series from devolo have made quite a splash among the media and won multiple awards. European IT journalists don‘t just have high praise for the astounding adapter performance at short distances, such as extending an Internet connection from one room to the next. They are impressed by the technology‘s performance specifically throughout a home at long distances. This allows setups such as implementing an IPTV product (e.g. Telekom Entertain, Vodafone TV) throughout a home without conventional network cables or Wi-Fi. The same is true of connecting computers, state-of-the-art consumer electronics and smart home technologies.

Two adapter models for the best home network over the electrical wiring

devolo offers two product variants from the dLAN® 650 series: The dLAN® 650+ model comes with one Gigabit LAN port and is ideal for any room containing just one network-compatible device, such as a computer or Smart TV. The dLAN® 650 triple+, on the other hand, features three gigabit LAN ports—ideal for a living room, home office or any room containing several devices that need to access the Internet. This lets you directly connect multiple devices, such as a Telekom Entertain receiver, Blu-ray player and game console.

Simple implementation thanks to integrated electrical socket with mains filter

Both adapters feature an integrated electrical socket. This makes them easy to install in no time at all, since none of the power outlets in a room go to waste. Terminal devices and power strips are connected right to the dLAN® adapter. The integrated mains filter also optimises data transmission in your home network by eliminating interference.

devolo dLAN® 650+ and dLAN® 650 triple+ with range+ Technology are available in stores. The Starter Kit for setting up a home network consists of two dLAN® 650+ adapters and costs 129.90 euros, while the set with the dLAN® 650 triple+ is available for 149.90 euros. Individual dLAN® 650+ adapters for expanding an existing dLAN® Powerline installation are available for 69.90 euros, while individual dLAN® 650 triple+ adapters cost 79.90 euros. All of the prices listed here are recommended retail prices including VAT.