Press release

Smart Grid / 16.11.2015

devolo dLAN® 550 WiFi: The new high-performance WiFi Powerline adapter in a compact format.


devolo, the Powerline market leader and smart home specialist from Aachen, Germany, is presenting a new WiFi Powerline adapter featuring range+ Technology with its dLAN® 550 WiFi adapter. The dLAN® 550 WiFi has been developed according to the idea of being less obtrusive while providing even better performance. The new devolo dLAN® adapter enables a bandwidth of up to 300 Mbps via WiFi and 500 Mbps via Powerline. Additionally, the dLAN® 550 WiFi includes an Ethernet port for cable-based terminal devices.

dLAN® 550 WiFi: WiFi anywhere!

In many households, entire rooms have insufficient or no wireless network coverage despite the fact that, as time goes on, electronics more often require a stable Internet connection to unleash their full capabilities. For years, Powerline specialist devolo, which is based in Aachen, Germany, has been offering a simple and appealing solution for providing this connection. Its dLAN® adapters with WiFi function simply use the power line like a long network cable and create a new WiFi hotspot right where it is needed. The new dLAN® 550 WiFi is an incredibly compact adapter, allowing for unobtrusive positioning anywhere in the home.

Thanks to its two antennas, the dLAN® 550 WiFi offers a WiFi connection at speeds up to 300 Mbps. The connection is even faster directly over the power line, where the compact adapter transmits at speeds up to 500 Mbps and covers distances equivalent to 400 metres of cable. This lets you really enjoy fast downloads and streaming services without stutter.

To provide effective protection against unauthorised access, wireless data transmission is secured by WPA and the Powerline data transmission uses 128-bit AES encryption.

WiFi in any room and easy setup

Aside from their high quality and durability, devolo products stand out specifically thanks to their simplicity. All of the adapters can be put into operation very quickly, without the need for any special IT knowledge. When setting up a new Powerline network, the first adapter is plugged into an available power outlet close to the router and then connected to the router. The second adapter can now be plugged into any other power outlet in the home, where it conveniently provides a network connection—even including a WiFi hotspot in the case of the dLAN® 550 WiFi—without any additional installation or configuration. This allows up to eight adapters to be used in a single electrical circuit and can provide any room with a stable, broadband WiFi connection.

More bandwidth and greater range thanks to devolo range+ Technology

The dLAN® 550 WiFi owes its high data rates and exceptional transmission stability in part to the range+ Technology, which is only used in devolo adapters. This technology uses the earth wire for data transmission in addition to the phase and neutral conductors, resulting in significantly improved communication. range+ Technology utilises a special signal coupling process for the earth wire for this, making it superior to conventional Powerline adapters when it comes to range, stability and bandwidth.

Just one single WiFi network throughout the home: devolo WiFi Move and Clone

Nobody wants to have two, three or even more different WiFi networks at home, each with their own ID and own password. This is why devolo has developed the WiFi Clone function and WiFi Move Technology.

WiFi Clone transfers all WiFi configuration data from the user‘s router at the touch of a button and using WPS, allowing terminal devices to also connect to the new devolo WiFi hotspot automatically.

WiFi Move Technology comes into play when additional adapters are installed, such as for supplying the living room, home office, basement or attic with fast WiFi. This technology automatically connects new adapters with existing WiFi, creating a single extensive WiFi network throughout the home. It also copies all optional configurations such as parental controls, timers or similar functions from existing adapters. As a result, users and their terminal devices see just one single, extensive WiFi network throughout the home.

Prices and availabilityThe dLAN® 550 WiFi from devolo is now available in stores or at as a single adapter, Starter Kit (additional dLAN® 550 duo+ adapter for connecting to the router) or Network Kit (2 x 550 dLAN® WiFi and 1 x dLAN® 550 duo+). The recommended retail prices, including value-added tax, are 79.90 euros, 119.90 euros and 179.90 euros respectively. devolo offers the dLAN® 550 WiFi with a three-year manufacturer‘s warranty.