Press release

Smart Grid / 27.07.2016

devolo develops smart electricity meters


Aachen, Germany-based devolo AG is expanding its product portfolio in the Smart Grid business unit. The hardware manufacturer is now providing a complete range of hardware for smart metering with a smart electricity meter, from data collection and data security all the way to data communication. The three-phase electricity meter with three-point mounting fulfils the German requirements and can be used as modern measurement. The integrated two tariff terminals let the energy provider offer customers a two tariffs ("peak", "off-peak”), without needing the installation of an intelligent measuring system. In addition, the three-phase basic meter with three-point mounting (3. HZ) can be used as a component of the intelligent measuring system. The integrated DIN rail provides space for a smart meter gateway and a control box or the communications technology. Both options for using the devolo electricity meter - as modern measuring equipment or in an intelligent measuring system - reduce the complexity involved with procuring and installing the devices. This offers the measuring point operator the greatest possible flexibility.devolo is presenting its new power meter with an attractive green-grey housing at the ZVEI Metering Days in Fulda from 20 to 21 September 2016.

FNN-compliant devolo three-phase electricity meter with three-point mounting

Since 2013 devolo AG has been researching and developing electricity meters as part of the BMWi-supported StromKOM project. Using the knowledge gained through these efforts, the experts at devolo began industrialising a devolo electricity meter in 2015. At the same time, devolo has been actively participating in composing the FNN specifications. The Forum network technology / network operation (FNN) in the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE) is a committee of the VDE and specifies the technical and functional requirements of the electricity meters for use in Germany. Together with the renowned meter manufacturer ADD, devolo is developing and manufacturing the FNN-compliant Three-phase electricity meter with three-point mounting three-point electronic residential basic meter for the German market. ADD has more than 22 years of experience researching and producing advanced metering solutions under its belt. Having more than 6 million meters installed makes ADD an established player on the meter market. "devolo has contributed to the partnership its expertise and experience with smart meter gateways, control boxes and Powerline communication. This led to the creation of an electricity meter which perfectly harmonises with the other smart metering components," explains Prof. Dr Michael Koch, Head of the devolo Smart Grid business unit. The very high measuring accuracy (MID Class A, B) in both energy flow directions and the electromagnetic interference immunity are the outstanding quality characteristics of the devolo meter produced in Europe.

One meter, two installation scenarios

The devolo meter is an essential component in the digitalisation of the electricity market. It was designed specifically for the requirements in households and small businesses. Therefore the requirements of the smart meter gateway, the communication technology and the FNN control box were directly taken into account during development of the meter. Thanks to this ensured interoperability, smart meter gateways and other devices can be connected to the integrated DIN rail in no time. Then the meter becomes an essential component of an intelligent measuring system.

The devolo electricity meter can also be used as modern measuring equipment. While developing the product, devolo considered old and new business models and integrated a two-rate register. This way an energy provider is able to provide customers a two-rate function, even without a smart meter gateway. The devolo meter fulfils both the underlying FNN requirements and the additional requirements from the Metering Point Operation Act for modern measuring equipment. If necessary, this customer measuring point can be expanded to an intelligent measuring system in the later course of the roll-out without much time or expense. This is accomplished by installing a smart meter gateway on the meter‘s DIN rail. There is no need for a costly replacement of the power meter.

Initial field testing of the devolo electricity meter begins in September of 2016. The mass-produced product will be available in the second quarter of 2017.

Product introduction at Metering Days

devolo is presenting the electricity meter for the first time at Metering Days hosted by the ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers‘ Association). The event will be held in the Esperanto-Hotel in Fulda from 20 to 21 September 2016. In addition to the meter, devolo will be showing its expanded PLC product range for low and medium voltage. An additional focus will be on the devolo smart meter gateway. Here, co-operation with Kiwigrid is creating unique value-added features for the energy provider. For appointment requests, please contact the sales team led by Walter Krott by e-mail: or by phone: +49 241-182 79-150.