Press release

Private customers / 16.04.2009

devolo delivers Linux support for dLAN TV Sat


With its innovative HomePlug TV solution, dLAN TV Sat for digital satellite television on the computer, the global market leader in the HomePlug powerline segment, devolo AG of Aachen, Germany, also now supports the Linux distribution Ubuntu. In addition, the company will soon finish a driver and software package for Mac OS X.

Powerline specialist devolo AG is constantly working on improving its products. As of now, a Linux driver is available for the dLAN TV Sat system that supports Ubuntu versions 8.04 and 8.10. This enables users of these Linux distributions to use the HomePlug TV solution without any problems. In addition, the manufacturer is announcing the appearance of a corresponding driver and software package for Apple computers. The Linux support was not developed by the devolo engineers as a proprietary solution, but as a module for the official Linux DVB API (DVB API v3, Linux DVB framework). The source code has been released under GPL v2 with the installation script. Popular Linux DVB applications like Caffeine, VDR and MythTV are supported.

The devolo dLAN TV Sat is the perfect solution for uncomplicated reception of digital satellite TV programmes on the computer. To do this, devolo uses the HomePlug technology, which transfers data over the household electrical wiring at a speed of up to 200 Mbps. This means there is no need for complicated routing of coaxial cables for satellite reception—from any power outlet in the house, you can bring up the current TV programme with your PC or laptop. With performance features like DVB S2 and Quality of Service, dLAN TV Sat ensures that the TV signal reaches your computer in ultimate quality from the satellite right up to the power socket. So in addition to TV channels in SD quality, you can also receive high definition programmes (HDTV). dLAN TV Sat also transmits Dolby Surround Sound for perfect home cinema sound. The devolo dLAN TV Sat will be available in stores for 259.90 euro. The Starter Kit, which includes a dLAN 200 AVeasy adapter, will be priced at 299.90 euro.

The Linux driver package for the devolo dLAN TV Sat is available for download starting immediately at the manufacturer‘s website under