Press release

Private customers / 21.01.2004

devolo connects PC and hi-fi: Transmit music and speech throughout your household


The devolo AG, based in Aachen, Germany, is extending its MicroLink dLAN (direct Local Area Network) line of products with the HomePlug adapter MicroLink dLAN Audio. This device allows users to interconnect PC, hi-fi system, microphone and active speakers quickly and easily over the household power circuit. This plug&play audio network requires no additional cabling. Listen to MP3s, WMA files or Internet radio in any room via your hi-fi system or external loudspeakers—in CD quality and in stereo.

HomePlug technology is now firmly established as a home-networking alternative for interconnecting computers and gaming consoles via the existing household power circuit. “There’s no need to drill through walls or ceilings and lay new cables”, reports Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG in Aachen, which is the main reason for the recent boom in this technology. Music lovers who want to connect their PC and hi-fi system—or even their audio system to active loudspeakers in another room—are impressed by the installation without dirt, noise and inconvenience. “Many customers have their audio system in the living room and want to hear music in the bathroom too. Now they need nothing more than 2 MicroLink dLAN Audio adapters and a pair of active loudspeakers”, says Harbers.

That is why Germany’s market leader for HomePlug components is releasing the new product MicroLink dLAN Audio in March. The recommended retail price including VAT will be Euro 149.90 per adapter. This product, developed entirely by devolo, is subject to a pending patent and is unique worldwide. The new adapter can be plugged into any power socket and features cinch, minijack and microphone sockets for connecting hi-fi systems, microphones or loudspeakers. These sockets offer both analogue and digital input and output. Two of these adapters are enough to build up and simple audio network—even without a PC. If a PC is integrated, the audio stream transmission takes place via the MicroLink dLAN Ethernet or MicroLink dLAN USB on up to four different channels.

The integration of a computer or a DSL modem requires the use of a MicroLink dLAN adapter featuring either an Ethernet or a USB interface. Suitable starter kits with two devices and easy-to-operate configuration software are available from devolo for Euro 169.90. Even the operation via wireless networking (WLAN) is possible with the appropriate MicroLink dLAN Wireless adapter. ”This plug&play product makes it easy to listen to Internet radio stations or Internet-based MP3 files on your living-room hi-fi system,” emphasises Harbers. The range for transmitting audio depends on the condition of the electrical wiring, but 200 metres is typical.

The integrated encoder and decoder allow the stereo playback of MP3 / WMA files with audio data rates of up to 192 kbps in CD quality. The audio adapter is compatible with most music broadcasting products: With the devolo plugins for Winamp and Windows Media Player, the PC can be used as a network jukebox. “With MicroLink dLAN Audio, we are the world’s first manufacturer of HomePlug components to interconnect computer technology and entertainment electronics,” emphasises Harbers. An easier way of transporting music from one point to another—anywhere in the house, from any source, and in the highest quality—simply isn’t available on the market.