Press release

Business customers / 28.02.2013

devolo combines dLAN® PROFESSIONAL and WLAN: High-speed Internet for smartphones, tablets and laptops in business environments


With the dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+, the Powerline specialist devolo combines a professional dLAN® adapter with a wireless access point. This compact, wallplug device is equipped with an integrated WLAN module based on the wireless 802.11n standard with MIMO antenna technology, and three conventional network ports. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops connect quickly and easily to the Internet and Intranet within the range of a company‘s Powerline installation. dLAN® Powerline provides particularly flexible positioning, allowing Wi-Fi hotspots to be placed exactly where mobile devices require access in the company. This ensures excellent connection quality.

Aachen, February 28, 2013 - devolo is expanding its dLAN® PROFESSIONAL portfolio to include an all-round adapter with integrated Wi-Fi module. The latest generation of the dLAN® Powerline chip provides data transmission of up to 500 Mbps, and over Wi-Fi, the IEEE 802.11n standard and MIMO antenna technology allow up to 300 Mbps (configurable at 2.4 or 5 GHz). The dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ is also equipped with three Ethernet ports for directly connecting network-compatible business devices such as computers and printers. The integrated electrical socket ensures that no power outlet goes to waste. In addition, the mains filter optimises data transmission of the powerline connection.

Developed for business use - tried and trusted in many fields

devolo has developed the dLAN® PROFESSIONAL for Powerline use in commercial areas. Cost-efficiently, a new network can be established or an existing one extended by taking advantage of the flexible connections provided by a building‘s existing wiring. In addition to its data transmission rates, the dLAN® PROFESSIONAL offers security and stability. The 128-bit AES encryption secures all data from unauthorised access, and WPA2 and WPA2 Enterprise encryption provide the best Wi-Fi protection available. The Quality of Service performance feature guarantees automatic data prioritisation for uninterrupted real-time services.

Separation for user groups and granular access control

With Multi SSID and VLAN, separate user groups and granular access control are possible. This makes it possible, for example, to create a separate, public wireless network for guests which does not allow access to the Intranet. Furthermore, individual network resources can be assigned to different user groups.

Remote management using the AVpro manager software

With AVpro manager, devolo provides software-supported monitoring and control for business powerline networks and dLAN® Professional adapters. The high-performance AVpro manager remote management tool supports the administrator in configuring and monitoring the Powerline network. That way, dLAN® Professional installations can not only be controlled efficiently, but also can be customised and adapted to the usage scenario. For example, adapter functions such as PowerSave mode, the encryption button and the status LED can be disabled. Also, firmware updates can be run easily on all adapters network-wide.

Those interested can obtain a first impression of the dLAN® pro 500 Wireless+ at CeBIT 2013 in Hanover, Germany (Planet Reseller Hall 15, Stand H51). To make an appointment, please contact Mr Christoph Müllers (