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Business customers / 20.07.2015

devolo combines 1.2 Gbps Powerline and WiFi ac in a professional Powerline adapter


With the dLAN® pro 1200+ WiFi ac, devolo presents a new professional Powerline adapter for commercial applications. The compact wall unit combines a 1.2 Gbps Powerline chip for data communication over the power line with a 2.4/5 GHz WiFi module in accordance with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac specifications. The dLAN® pro 1200+ WiFi ac also features two Gigabit LAN ports so it can supply almost all wireless and cable-based devices in one location with Internet and intranet. Multi-SSID, VLAN and RADIUS server support enable professional access management. The product is managed via the dLAN® AVpro manager software.

dLAN® pro 1200+ WiFi ac: professional Powerline adapter with WiFi ac

Establish or expand professional networks easily: with the dLAN® pro 1200+ WiFi ac, devolo presents a new Powerline adapter in a compact wall housing. The key feature is the simultaneous use of both frequency bands, 2.4 and 5 GHz. The device establishes a connection for all wireless and cable-based network-compatible devices in offices, businesses, schools, medical practices and food service establishments. It supports all current network architectures such as peer-to-peer or master-slave networks. This provides computers, servers, printers, smartphones, tablets and laptops with an optimal Internet and intranet connection.

1.2 Gbps of data transmission with range+ Technology (MIMO)

dLAN® 1200 enables data transmission at speeds up to 1200 Mbps over the power line. The dLAN® pro 1200+ WiFi ac also features range+ Technology with MIMO (multiple input multiple output) technology. It uses all three wires of the power cable (phase, neutral conductor, and earth wire) simultaneously for data transmission in the gigabit range.

Two LAN ports and integrated electrical sockets

You can connect two network-compatible devices directly to the adapter via two LAN ports with an auto MDI-X function. An optional switch allows you to establish additional cable connections. An electrical socket (230V / 16A) makes it particularly easy to integrate the latest model from the dLAN® pro series at the adapter‘s location, ensuring that no power outlet goes to waste. Furthermore, the adapter is equipped with a high-performance mains filter that reliably prevents possible interference in data transmission.

WiFi ac gigabit module for the best connection to smartphones, tablets and laptops

The key feature is the simultaneous use of both frequency bands, 2.4 and 5 GHz. The WiFi module of the dLAN® pro 1200+ WiFi ac can establish its own WiFi network or expand an existing one. This ensures optimal integration of the adapter into existing networks. Despite full integration into the housing, the 2x2 antennas in a MIMO arrangement are particularly powerful and enable a long connection range. The devolo dLAN® pro series can also expand its own networks by adding specific rights for employees, guests and services to them.

Professional network functions such as multi-SSID and remote management

A 128-bit data encryption (AES), WPA2 Enterprise, RADIUS server support, multi-SSID (up to 14 SSIDs at the same time) and VLAN ensure maximum security. The professional remote management software dLAN® AVpro manager provides support for installation, configuration and monitoring. With this pro adapter, you can display everything from simple peer-to-peer environments all the way to more complex master-slave environments, as well as perform remote management and live view status monitoring tasks.

Sales channels and availability

The dLAN® pro 1200+ WiFi ac is available from authorised electronics dealers and system providers starting immediately. The adapter is compatible with all existing professional devolo Powerline products and older dLAN® generations such as dLAN® 200 and dLAN® 500. devolo grants a 3-year warranty.

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