Press release

Private customers / 17.07.2014

devolo brings range+ Technology with extra long range to the 500 Mbps class: dLAN® 550 duo+ available in stores in July


The dLAN® 550+ brings devolo‘s award-winning range+ Technology to the 500 Mbps class. For the best home network experience throughout the home, this technology also uses the earth wire for Powerline data communication - providing greater performance and longer range. In addition, the dLAN® adapter has two LAN ports and an integrated electrical socket. Computers, Internet-compatible consumer electronics and smart home technologies can be connected directly, and no power outlet in the room goes to waste.

Bring Internet to any room of the home quickly and easily

Now, your home has Internet where you need it: dLAN® Powerline makes home networking extremely easy. The dLAN® 550+ turns every power outlet in the home into an Internet connection. Ideal for the new generation of broadband Internet connections, IPTV transmission and Voice over IP.

Simple setup without a computer

To set up dLAN® Powerline, you don‘t need special technical expertise or a computer. Just connect the first adapter to the router; additional adapters make the connection to the Internet-compatible devices in the desired rooms. The fast, stable and secure connection is set up simply by pressing a button after plugging in all adapters. Secure encryption provides reliable protection against unauthorised access to home network data.

devolo range+ Technology for even more performance and range

devolo has equipped the dLAN® 550 duo+ with the multiple award-winning range+ Technology. Previous Powerline adapters transmitted the data via the phase and neutral conductor only. range+ Technology also uses the earth wire for data communication. A coupling method patented by devolo also provides higher performance: Both the transmission capacity and the range increase significantly. This provides a reliable, excellent Internet connection to any room in your home.

dLAN® 550 duo+ with two LAN ports and integrated power outlet

The dLAN® 550 duo+ is equipped with two LAN ports. This enables two Internet-compatible devices to be connected directly to the adapter without the need to use a switch. The integrated socket ensures that no electrical outlet in the room goes to waste. The adapter also has an integrated mains filter that further optimizes data transmission as well as a built-in child-safety feature.

The devolo dLAN® 550 duo+ is available in stores starting July 2014. The adapter is offered both individually and as a Starter Kit (2 adapters) and as a Network Kit (3 adapters). The Starter Kit costs 79.90 euros, while the Network Kit is available for 119.90 euros. Single adapters for adding a dLAN® Powerline home network are available for 44.90 euros.