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Company / 19.02.2014

devolo breaks new powerline record: over 20 million dLAN® adapters shipped


With over 20 million Powerline products shipped, devolo AG has achieved a new milestone in its corporate history, and is yet again confirmed as the market leader of this segment. An ever-growing number of people throughout Europe are putting their trust in compact dLAN® adapters to build their home networks. Computers, digital consumer electronics, smart home technologies, and mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops - dLAN® Powerline creates an easy, fast, and secure connection for all.

A success story: "Engineered in Germany"

Since its founding, devolo AG has held fast to German engineering. Over 70 developers work at the company headquarters in Aachen, Germany, creating Powerline solutions for both residential and commercial use that are constantly gaining in both performance and efficiency. This makes devolo‘s the largest powerline development team in the world. All new adapter models are put through extensive testing in an in-house test centre before they are manufactured in serial production. The three-year warranty period underscores the high demands on quality and service life that devolo places on its own products.
"As market leader since 2003, we take pride in our ability to provide impetus to the European market for powerline products," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "The record of 20 million shipped dLAN® adapters marks a new milestone in our history, a good 10 years after the shipment of the very first devolo Powerline product."

Patented technologies for greater performance and efficiency

devolo introduced the first dLAN® adapters to the market in 2003. What began as an innovative solution for a simple household extension to an Internet connection has since become the backbone of many home networks. According to current devolo statistics, approximately 50% of all dLAN® Powerline users own three or more adapters. With the dLAN® 650, devolo now offers the highest performing Powerline adapters on the market. This is made possible by devolo‘s range+ Technology, which allows Powerline data to travel through all three physical lines of an electric mains circuit. To this end, devolo has developed a patent-pending hardware design with a one-of-a-kind coupling, which is installed exclusively in the new dLAN® 650 adapters.

dLAN® meets WiFi for a comprehensive home network

With the conception of its Powerline-based WiFi products, devolo turned its dLAN® Powerline solution into a complete home network, where even wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops get access to a fast, stable and secure connection. Initial development of this successful product was based on the results of an extensive market analysis. A representative study carried out by GfK (a Germany-based market research company) on behalf of devolo AG showed that over 41% of German Wi-Fi users had poor or no Wi-Fi reception in some rooms. With devolo WiFi Move Technology and the use of multiple compact dLAN® 500 WiFi access points, excellent Wi-Fi coverage is made available throughout the entire house.

dLAN® Powerline, the simple home network via the household electrical wiring

The power outlet revolution: dLAN® Powerline by devolo uses household electrical wiring as a long network cable. Every power outlet is turned into a network access point with the help of a dLAN® adapter. Computers, consumer electronics and smart housing technology can be connected to each other and the Internet with the utmost of ease. High transmission rates, secure encryption, and easy installation for anyone make the dLAN® Powerline the best home network available.

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