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Trade area / 25.02.2014

devolo at TV Connect 2014: Powerline innovations for the best in-house triple play networking - First look at the Home Control portfolio


devolo is introducing new powerline products and solutions for ISPs and OTTs at the TV Connect 2014 trade fair (London, March 18th - 20th). The focus here is on simple housewide networking at end customers‘ homes. This allows triple play programs like IPTV, broadband Internet and VoIP to be available in any room desired. As part of the trade fair, the company is introducing the first OEM models with patent-pending range+ Technology for maximum transmission capacity. Furthermore, devolo is offering two product variants also equipped with a Wi-Fi access point in the form of the PLC 500 WiFi and PLC 500+ WiFi. Comprehensive support of the TR069 protocol allows devolo products to be managed simply by the operator. At TV Connect, devolo is also giving a first look into the new Home Control portfolio.

New powerline generation as IPTV bridge with maximum range

devolo products allow Internet service providers, telecommunication providers and cable network operators to offer their customers an easy solution for experiencing triple play programs in any room desired. Powerline technology allows household electrical wiring to be used as a long network cable, making broadband Internet, IPTV and VoIP available anywhere in a home. Due to the ‘Quality of Service‘ performance feature, devolo adapters are optimally suited for the in-house distribution of IPTV. Automatic data prioritisation ensures interference-free transmission of real-time services.

range+ Technology provides the best connection

devolo is introducing two new adapter variants at TV Connect 2014: the PLC 650+ and PLC 550 duo+ models. These rely on the patent-pending range+ Technology. This technology enables powerline data communication over all three of the physical lines in an electric mains circuit. This ensures maximum transmission capacity for a quick and stable connection. While the PLC 650+ relies on the current Qualcomm 7450 high-speed chip, the PLC 550 duo+ is considered a cost-effective entry-level solution. Both products feature an integrated electrical socket including a mains filter. The PLC 550 duo+ also provides two network ports.

PLC 500 WiFi and PLC 500+ WiFi OEM models - powerline meets Wi-Fi

devolo is offering two powerline adapters with an integrated Wi-Fi access port in the form of the PLC 500 WiFi and PLC 500+ WiFi models. They even let you connect wireless terminal devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. The PLC 500 WiFi is designed as a cost-effective Wi-Fi access point. Alongside support for the Wi-Fi N standard, it offers a network connection for cable-based devices. As a home networking centre, the PLC 500+ WiFi provides three Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi N with internal antennas in a MIMO arrangement. The adapter also has an integrated electrical socket with mains filter, which enables direct connection of terminal devices or power strips.

Support for the TR069 remote maintenance protocol, IEEE 1905.1 ready

With comprehensive support of the TR069 protocol, devolo reduces the effort for support for its OEM products. TR069 enables a comprehensive remote analysis for Internet service providers, right down to the PLC adapter. In addition, centrally controlled firmware updates can be run, in order to update already installed Powerline adapters at the end customer‘s location for new functions and services. All new devolo adapters are already prepared for the new IEEE 1905.1 standard as well.

A look into the new devolo Home Control portfolio

Along with presenting new powerline home networking solutions, devolo is also giving a first look into its new Home Control portfolio at TV Connect 2014. This product series adds a new product area to the home network range of products. Security, convenience and energy savings are the keywords for this area. devolo Home Control products will be available in the second half of 2014.

devolo looks forward to your visit at TV Connect 2014! You can find our stand with the number 129 in the Grand Hall. Jörg Baumann and Sven Pohl would be happy to explain devolo‘s innovations to you. Please direct your appointment request to or