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Private customers / 01.02.2018

devolo at the Mobile World Congress: strong backbone, strong WiFi, strong customer relationship


The mobile data world does not only start on the doorstep, but at home in your own WiFi network. Stable, powerful connections are vital here for the best possible user experience. During the Mobile World Congress, devolo will therefore show on stand 6N40 in Hall 6 innovative solutions which enable network operators to offer optimal WiFi coverage. These solutions give devolo‘s customers the freedom to move from one room to another without any connection problems. The combination of a Powerline-based backbone and intelligent Smart WiFi functions therefore guarantees high service quality and increases customer satisfaction.

At present, one of the main challenges for network operators is to reduce the number of service cases and optimise their own Net Promoter Score. That‘s because customers are increasingly integrating mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets in their WiFi: Cisco estimates, for example, that the share of smartphones in Internet traffic will more than double by 2021 compared with 2017*. Since the majority of smartphones are also used at home, the demands on the wireless home network rise considerably. However, this often cannot keep pace with the desire for broadband. In order to strengthen the customer relationship, network operators should therefore actively offer users a solution which sets up an efficient home network for customers - and automatically ensures maximum performance.

Intelligent combination of Powerline and Smart WiFi functions

The key to this is firstly devolo‘s dLAN Powerline adapters which are utilised millions of times by network operators and private customers, use the power line to transmit data and therefore bring the Internet to every power outlet. Secondly, Smart WiFi soon will solve typical WiFi problems.

For this purpose, the devolo technology combines the core functions of Airtime Fairness, WiFi Roaming and Band Steering: Airtime Fairness assigns an equal amount of transmission time to all WiFi Devices, thus preventing slow devices from blocking WiFi. WiFi Roaming ensures that devices are always automatically connected with the strongest access point instead of "sticking" to one access point. The devolo adapters also use Band Steering to flexibly select the right channel and "push" devices either into the 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency band.

Home networking and mobile communications trends speeding up the pace of innovation

"For many people, home WiFi is just as natural as a water or power supply. It has to work, always and everywhere," said Werner Fehn, Vice President Product Management at devolo. "The trend towards mobile use of increasingly more broadband-intensive services such as streaming or online games is therefore also speeding up the pace of innovation." devolo regards Smart WiFi as a step towards self-optimising networks which, in future, will automatically perform all tasks ranging from setup through to troubleshooting.

The objective of many operators to handle data transmission via WiFi (offloading) underscores the importance of efficient, seamless WiFi coverage. According to Cisco, mobile data transmission worldwide will increase annually by an average of 46 per cent by 2021. Fast 5G networks also represent challenges in regard to exponential data growth. It is therefore all the more important to switch data transmission from the mobile radio network to home WiFi. "However, customers will only watch their UHD video at home if everything runs smoothly," said Werner Fehn. "This is only possible in a WiFi network which can actively satisfy these demands.“

According to devolo, the Mobile World Congress is a suitable platform for joint discussions concerning home networking and mobile communications trends. In order to make appointments, journalists can contact Verena Gehrmann, Brand Manager Operator Solutions: