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Trade area / 19.07.2012

devolo at the IFA 2012: Focus on networked entertainment


The ‘networked home‘ is at the centre of devolo‘s trade show activities at the IFA 2012. The focus is on new dLAN® home networking solutions that make the world of entertainment simpler and more exciting. Along with the premier of the new flagship product, the dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ adapter, the Aachen-based company is setting out to achieve networked satellite TV throughout the home. The new TV Sat dual tuner transmits digital satellite television via the power line to a wide variety of devices in the home - from televisions to tablets. The dLAN® LiveCam, the first dLAN® video camera able to be operated by smartphone app, is available for the home network.

Aachen, 19 July 2012 - The IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited trade fair in Berlin (31 August - 5 September, Berlin trade fair grounds) is among the most important trade fairs globally in the consumer electronics and consumer products segments. The Aachen-based devolo AG, with its solutions for the networked home, is also represented at IFA and is presenting its new products in Hall 3.2 at Stand 131. Along with new adapters for the dLAN® home network, the focus is on the first dLAN® camera which users can access worldwide via a smartphone app. The multiple award-winning dLAN® TV Sat product series for simple satellite TV reception via the power line has been expanded by adding a dual tuner that also enables streaming to terminal devices such as smartphones or tablets. In the dLAN® LTE router, devolo has developed an innovative dLAN® product which enables a particularly simple sharing of Internet access in the home network.

dLAN® Powerline in perfection: Premiere for dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ WiFi adapter

Conceived as a dLAN® Powerline adapter for all rooms with many IT and consumer electronics devices, the dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ provides maximum connectivity. Cable-based, network-compatible terminal devices find a connection to the home network and the Internet via three Ethernet ports. The integrated WiFi solution provides an optimal connection to laptops, smartphones and tablets. Through the Wireless-N standard and the MIMO antenna design, a high-speed connection is available at any time for all mobile devices. Equipped in this manner, the dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ finds optimal application in living rooms and home offices. Unlike conventional WiFi router solutions, it ensures highest-quality reception in these rooms, where mobile devices are heavily used. With the latest dLAN® 500 generation, dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ provides a high transmission rate. The integrated electrical socket with mains filter optimises data transmission and prevents interference.

The camera for the home network: dLAN® LiveCam with easy access via app

With the new dLAN® LiveCam, devolo presents the first dLAN® Powerline camera that enables global monitoring of wherever you happen to place it. Even on holiday or at work, you can access the video stream. The direct Internet connection and app for Apple iPhone/iPad and Android devices enables access to the camera. You can set up the dLAN® LiveCam in no time: with devolo‘s dLAN® Powerline technology, all you need for connection is a power cable - the flexible LiveCam can be used close to any power outlet in the home and simply moved to another one if desired. Video is transmitted securely via the power line. For the highest image quality, day and night, there is an infrared-supported objective. The dLAN® LiveCam system can easily be expanded with additional cameras as needed.

Satellite TV via the power line: dual tuner supplies televisions, tablets and the like

dLAN® TV Sat is the simple way to provide satellite TV supply for the entire house via the power line - every power outlet becomes an antenna socket. Complicated wiring of special antenna cables is not needed. With the new dual tuner for dLAN® TV Sat, devolo presents the next generation of the TV Sat system. The new dual tuner provides the integration of two satellite signals; as a result, two different TV stations can be received and recorded simultaneously. On the other hand, satellite television is not only receivable on the television via the devolo set-top box dLAN® TV Sat 2400-CI+, but also on tablets and smartphones.

LTE Internet access intelligently networked: dLAN® LTE router for shared surfing

LTE is the new standard for quick broadband Internet via the mobile phone network. With the dLAN® LTE router from devolo, web access can easily be used by all Internet-compatible devices in the house. Through revolutionary dLAN® Powerline technology, computers, consumer electronics and even smartphones, laptops and tablets can quickly and securely access the Internet throughout the home! The dLAN® LTE adapter with USB interface supports all common LTE and UMTS data modems and broadband wireless standards (LTE800, LTE1800, LTE2600, UMTS and GSM) and can be set up particularly easily.

The new dLAN® Eco Line: simple home network with dLAN® 500 duo and duo+

The dLAN® Eco Line is devolo‘s new dLAN® home network product line for a particularly simple and energy-saving network at home. With the Dynamic PowerSave technology, these adapters flexibly adjust their energy consumption according to the connected device. To start the new series, two particularly attractive adapter variants appear in the dLAN® 500 duo and the dLAN® 500 duo+. Both have two network ports for the simple connection of two network-compatible devices such as computers or consumer electronics, directly on the adapter. The ultra-compact design enables a flexible and unobtrusive positioning. In contrast to the classic duo model, the duo+ has an integrated electrical socket and a mains filter that improves the dLAN® powerline transmission capacity even more.

Journalists also have the opportunity to get an overview of the new products at devolo when visiting the stand at the ShowStoppers event on 30 August 2012. The ShowStoppers event takes place starting at 6 pm in building 15.2. A separate accreditation is required for this event.