Press release

Trade area / 04.09.2013

devolo at IBC 2013: Powerline with 600 Mbps, new PLC WiFi line-up and PLC solutions for SAT>IP


easily network the digital world at home. PLC specialist devolo will be guided by this principle when presenting its solutions for SAT>IP and broadband internet distribution at IBC 2013 (13 - 17 September). A new line-up from the world-wide market leader in the Powerline segment guarantees user-friendly solutions for customers of internet service providers and for providers of digital value-added services. As highlights of the trade fair, devolo will showcase the next PLC generation with 600 Mbps, new PLC products with an integrated Wi-Fi access point, the new dLAN® TV SAT>IP system, as well as the first PLC Wi-Fi adapter with router functionality.

Première for OEM PLC adapter with 600 Mbps and range+ technology

Higher transmission capacity, optimised range: the new PLC generation with 600 Mbps guarantees the ultimate home network experience. Maximum range is ensured by the new range+ technology (patent pending): additional use of the earth wire allows data communication over all three physical wires in a power circuit for the first time ever - while, of course, still retaining the full protection provided by the earth wire. The result is an even higher data transmission performance, with maximum range and an improved Powerline network coverage in the entire building. As opposed to usual diversity and SmartLink systems, range+ technology features optimised coupling to the earth wire. This principle, for which a patent is pending, enables a significant improvement in transmission quality. The first OEM PLC adapter with a 600 Mbps chip is the devolo PLC 650+. The adapter has a gigabit LAN port as well as an integrated electrical socket with a mains filter.

New PLC products with Wi-Fi integration support IEEE 1905.1

The latest devolo PLC adapters PLC 500+ WiFi and PLC 500 WiFi with Wi-Fi functionality support IEEE 1905.1. The new standard enables adapters themselves to take into account the current conditions and line quality so they then decide whether to use power lines or their Wi-Fi connection for their data transmission, depending upon which communication route is expected to provide the best result.

In-house satellite TV distribution compliant with the SAT>IP standard

As a replacement for the usual COAX antenna cables, with its dLAN® TV SAT system devolo provides an efficient Powerline-based product line for in-house distribution of digital satellite television compliant with the DVB-S2 standard. Support of the SAT>IP standard enables receipt of satellite television over every correspondingly certified set-top box as well as over smartphone and tablet. The core of the dLAN® TV SAT system is a cascadable multituner with PLC functionality. Powerline allows distribution of the satellite signal over the power line throughout the home: every power outlet is turned into an antenna outlet.
At IBC devolo will also present an outlook over the features of future firmware updates. For instance, the SAT>IP Multituner will then support the DLNA UPnP protocol. This means that UPnP-compliant devices such as game consoles and smart TVs will also be able to receive satellite television in the future.

First PLC Wi-Fi adapter with router functionality for FTTH and cable TV networks

New generations of broadband internet connections demand new solutions. At IBC 2013 devolo will showcase the first PLC adapter featuring an integrated internet router. Internet service providers will therefore no longer need consumers to have separate router hardware - the PLC home network and router merge into an easy-to-operate and expandable complete solution. Providers of FTTH and cable television in particular profit from the new product: the devolo PLC router is simply connected to the LAN port on the modem. Further PLC adapters then deliver broadband internet to exactly those rooms where it is used. Use of PLC-Wi-Fi combination products also makes it possible to build a full-coverage Wi-Fi home network.

TR 069 standard in devolo PLC adapters

As additional added value, devolo offers implementation of TR 069 in its PLC adapters on a project basis. This has already proven its worth in practice and operates successfully at several major customers. TR 069 benefits include making it easier for service providers to carry out remote diagnosis at its customers, as well as providing convenient remote maintenance - such as remote update of PLC adapters with new firmware. You can obtain detailed information on TR 069 and also on implementation in the current PLC adapters directly at the devolo trade fair stand.
Visit devolo at IBC 2013 in Hall 14, Stand 471, to get more details on the latest dLAN® Powerline solutions.