Press release

Company / 15.04.2002

devolo AG lines up for the start


25 former ELSA employees form a new company. There is now a new player in the data-communications market. The devolo AG will be founded on May 1, 2002 in Aachen, Germany. The Devolo team consists of 25 former ELSA AG employees who bring up to 18 years of experience in data communications with them. Devolo AG develops and markets data-communications solutions for private consumers and commercial users. The product range includes devices for DSL and analogue Internet access as well as home-networking solutions with both cabled and wireless LAN. The widely known ELSA brands “MicroLink” and “Vianect” have been taken over by Devolo.

Devolo aims to quickly establish a top brand in the relevant markets. The ELSA tradition of high quality will be continued in Devolo products. The expected sales of EUR 11.5 million for the current year are expected to more than triple by the year 2005. Forecasts for the target markets in Internet-access technology and home networking predict exponential growth rates within this time frame. Beginning with activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, expansion into other European markets is foreseen as of 2003.

Devolo’s core competencies clearly lie in introducing new technologies for the target markets and in the ability to quickly take up position in these market segments with optimal concepts for marketing and sales. A particular strength is the close cooperation between highly qualified developers and the marketing and sales experts, all of whom possess extensive experience in the IT industry.

Heiko Harbers, formerly the Vice President of Consumer Products at ELSA, indicates the way forward: “The Devolo philosophy sees a clear focus on the data-communications segment and, compared to ELSA, a tight product portfolio concentrated on profitable, successful products”, said the company’s 41 year-old founder.

The sales concept is also guided by this focus. The sales channels concentrate on retail business via distributors and on close co-operation with specialist resellers and system integrators.