Press release

Business customers / 10.02.2004

devolo AG introduces a HomePlug solution for industrial applications


The devolo AG, based in Aachen, Germany, is extending its MicroLink dLAN (direct Local Area Network) product line with the HomePlug adapter MicroLink dLAN i. Now commercial and industrial users can make use of existing in-building 230V electricity circuits for data transfer. This network requires no additional cabling. The new adapter complements devolo’s tried-and-trusted line of professional modems that are specifically designed for the rigours of industrial use and developed with special hardware and software features.

“We intend to build on our leading position in professional modems for commercial and industrial applications. With MicroLink dLAN i, the HomePlug technology that is increasingly successful in private households is now available to our customers in commerce and industry,” said Heiko Harbers, CEO of the devolo AG in Aachen, Germany. This adapter enables existing 230V electrical wiring and plug sockets within a building to be utilised as a network that offers data transfer rates of up to 14 Mbps.

“There’s no need to drill through walls or ceilings and lay new cables,” said Harbers, explaining the principal advantage of this system. This applies in particular to older and listed buildings and to commercial premises where conventional LAN cabling cannot be laid. “With the help of MicroLink dLAN i, terminals for data communication can be positioned and connected up wherever a plug socket is close by,” said devolo’s CEO mentioning a typical scenario. This enables systems such as cash registers, gaming machines or drinks dispensers to be networked with a minimum of effort.

The robust Plug&Play device is quickly and easily fitted—or even hung on the wall. The slim-line construction (2.5 cm high, 12.7 cm wide, 10.1 cm long) makes it ideal for concealed installations. This product, featuring screw mountings for easy fitting, requires no additional power plug thanks to its own integrated power adapter. The sturdy metal housing is optimised for industrial applications. ”Selected components and a special product layout facilitate the long-term, error-free operation even under hard environmental conditions,” emphasised Heiko Harbers.

As with its other HomePlug products, devolo guarantees that the MicroLink dLAN i can achieve a range of at least 200 metres—whereby several computers can be connected to the “direct Local Area Network”. No additional equipment is necessary as, for example, the phase coupling is achieved by “cross talk”. Thanks to automatic frequency switching, the data transfer is not disturbed by active devices such as machinery or other sources of interference in the electricity supply. Powerful DESpro encryption ensures that the data is safe from unauthorised access.

All MicroLink dLAN i devices are EMC tested and CE certified. The devolo AG grants a warranty period of three years. The recommended retail price including VAT is Euro 139.90 per adapter. The new product will be available from mid February, 2004.