Press release

Company / 29.08.2002

devolo AG, Aachen helps flood-disaster victims


eBay auctions valued at EUR 15,000. “Our young company is in a similar situation—we have the worst of it behind us, but assistance from the outside is always a help to build things up.” Christoph Rösseler, Director of Marketing & PR at devolo AG, describes the current mood among his colleagues. “Even though we are keeping tight reins on our budget right now, we wanted to offer real and uncomplicated help.”

The data communications experts of Aachen, Germany have provided current products valued at EUR 15,000 to eBay for auctioning. The bulk of the good are going to the eBay initiative “Buy and Help—Companies Donate Goods for Flood Victims”, and the remaining third will be auctioned in favour of “People Help People”, an initiative from the local newspaper “Aachener Zeitung”. All revenues will immediately—without any deductions—be donated to the eBay initiative and to “People Help People”.

The auction of the 200 communications devices (50 x devolo MicroLink LAN Switch, 50 x devolo MicroLink LAN Router, 100 x devolo MicroLink LAN PCI) begins on Saturday, August 31, 2002 and will end 10 days later. A link has been place on the devolo homepage

It would, of course, be a great result if the devolo auction were to raise more than the equivalent value of EUR 15,000. “Every Euro and every cent is a help right now. If the bidders on eBay show their generosity, so much the better”, hopes Christoph Rösseler. The eBay fees will also be paid by devolo—ensuring the best possible situation for a successful initiative on behalf of the data communications company from Aachen, Germany.

We will of course keep you up to date on the developments of the auction in favour of the flood victims.