Press release

Private customers / 30.09.2004

devolo adds two attractively priced ISDN routers to its MicroLink product line


devolo AG based in Aachen, Germany, has two new ISDN products for the growing market in home networking; the MicroLink ISDN Router and the MicroLink dLAN ISDN Router. These devices can bundle two ISDN channels to provide Internet-access speeds of up to 128 Kbps. The MicroLink ISDN Router is available at Euro 179.90 and includes an ISDN modem, a router, a 4-port switch and a firewall. The MicroLink dLAN ISDN Router costs Euro 199.90 and additionally has an integrated HomePlug adapter for networking over the existing electrical wiring.

“The large number of ISDN installations in Germany and the increasing demand for multi-functional home networking persuaded us to develop these products”, says Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. “These two new devices have closed a gap in our portfolio; we now offer a highly competitive product range covering all types of Internet access—be it analogue, ISDN or DSL”.

The MicroLink ISDN Router is the all-round solution for home networks and small offices; the router and ISDN modem use a single ISDN connection to offer simultaneous Internet access to all users. Up to four computers can be directly connected to the router. The integrated switch facilitates data exchange between the networked computers at up to 100 Mbps.

The MicroLink dLAN ISDN Router has all of the features of the MicroLink ISDN Router but with an integrated HomePlug adapter in addition. This adapter extends the Internet connection into every room in the building over the household electrical wiring. Simply connect up the power plug and the data is fed into the electricity circuit. The router is fully HomePlug-compatible and is equipped with DESpro encryption as standard.

”Any power socket anywhere in the house is converted into an Internet access point by the MicroLink dLAN ISDN Router”, says Harbers. The new MicroLink dLAN ISDN Router is compatible with the MicroLink dLAN adapters; in combination they form a complete home network via the household electrical wiring. There’s no need for the PC to stand next to the telephone socket as it can be connected to the ISDN line over the electrical wiring from anywhere in the house. This dLAN („direct LAN“) can be used even without an Internet connection to share files and printers, or for multi-player gaming.

These ISDN routers use an installation wizard for quick Internet connection setup, configuration via web browser, and the selection of the Internet provider from a list. IP masquerading (NAT), an integrated firewall with powerful filters and other comprehensive security functions guarantee a high degree of security and protection from unauthorised access.

These two new products will be available from specialist resellers as of November 2004 priced at Euro 179.90 (MicroLink ISDN Router) and Euro 199.90 (MicroLink dLAN ISDN Router).