Press release

Private customers / 26.11.2002

Christmas package from devolo: 100 hours of free surfing and online shopping without time pressure


devolo AG of Aachen, Germany is wrapping every MicroLink Fun modem and MicroLink 56k PCI modem card with a gift of a software package. Included is the Shopping0800 access software for the Internet portal where you can surf for free to a host of online shops. The ELSA successor has also entered an agreement with AOL whereby the present includes a CD-ROM for 100 hours of free Internet access. Other gifts are a full version of the tax software t@x2003, the online classified directory klickWeb and several security programs such as Personal Firewall, Virus Scanner and 0190-dialler protection.

In the best Christmas spirit, the devolo AG is wrapping their three colourful, fast and secure MicroLink modems and the MicroLink 56k PCI modem card with a comprehensive software package. This includes the access program for the online shopping portal Shopping0800 that makes it possible to visit a host of associated partner shops without any time pressure. “Internet access uses a dialler that routes you over a cost-free 0800 service number-the costs are carried by the shop operators”, explains Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. This lets the modem owner take a virtual online Christmas shopping trip—free of stress, no need to hunt for a parking space, and no flu virus. The partners with online shops include Otto Versand, Amazon, Esprit, Fleurop, Land’s End, Rossmann, Electronica24, Obi and Fiat.

The free AOL Internet access software supplied with devolo’s Christmas package offers 50 free hours of surfing in the first month and a further 50 free hours in the fourth month of use. In the second and third months of the test period, the access rates are charged for a minimum of 10 hours per month at a price of just 1.5 Euro Cents per minute. Even sending SMS messages to any mobile phone is free in the first month, and costs just 15 cents per SMS after that. For anybody remaining an AOL member for at least 90 days, devolo will send the tax program t@x2003 as an additional present. “This program allows an amazingly fast and easy preparation of the 2002 tax return”, emphasised Heiko Harbers. The program uses a data wizard to help with even complicated tax cases and includes, among other features, an electronic car logbook, a plausibility check and a host of tax tips along with a comprehensive data base of tax law. It reportedly makes child’s play of submitting your electronic tax return to the German Inland Revenue.

The online classified directory klickWeb and several security programs such as Personal Firewall, Virus Scanner and 0190-dialler protection also belong to the devolo Christmas package. “We are the only modem supplier in Germany to wrap its products with such a wide range of software programs”, underlines devolo’s CEO. This whole package makes more fun of surfing the Internet and is especially cost-effective for beginners.