Press release

Trade area / 30.01.2007

CeBIT 2007: Product offensive from devolo; in-house powerline and coax – new audio and wireless powerline solutions – coax-based networking products


Aachen, 30th January, 2007 — devolo AG based in Aachen, Germany, continue in their innovative vein by presenting a number of new products for networking via in-house powerlines.

dLAN 200 AVeasy Secure Internet & networking at the press of a button

dLAN Audio extender Music throughout the home over the power circuit

dLAN Wireless extender Transforms any power socket into a WLAN connection

dsl+ 1100 dLAN ADSL2+ router with integrated HomePlug technology. Complementing the well-known consumer products, professional products for networking via coax cable are also at the centre of attention.

dLAN 200 AVhost Remote management for large dLAN networks

Drawing attention at the devolo booth in hall 13 are the products which provide trouble free networking via in-house powerlines and coax cable. "The simpler, the better" is the devolo motto behind the dLAN 200 AVeasy, an adapter which provides secure connections at the press of a button. Once the small button is pushed, all of the dLAN 200 AVeasy adapters in the power circuit synchronise to a single, shared password. In this way, configuration takes place without need of a PC or software.

The dLAN Audio extender represents entertainment in compact form—an adapter that transports music via powerline into every room in the house. The dLAN Audio is fitted with two RCA connectors and a mini-jack socket. These can be used to stream audio and MP3 files from a PC into the in-house powerline network, providing feed to a stereo hi-fi system or active loudspeakers.

The new dLAN Wireless combines the advantages of dLAN and WLAN in a single device. With transfer rates of 85 Mbps via dLAN and 54 Mbps via WLAN, this handy adapter offers wireless surfing in any room in the house—even beyond thick concrete walls. For the first time the dLAN Wireless extender features a LAN connector for the direct connection of a PC.

Another clever combination of devices is the dsl+ 1100 dLAN, the ADSL2+ modem, router, firewall and dLAN adapter all rolled into one. Built-in dLAN technology offering transfer rates of up to 85 Mbps allows this device to integrate directly into a powerline network. Incorporated LAN and USB interfaces can be used to connect PCs directly to the dsl+ 1100 dLAN.

The range of business products from devolo is growing. As an addition to the renowned dLAN 200 AVpro and dLAN DSpro which allow networking via in-house powerline and also via coax cable, devolo is introducing the dLAN 200 AVhost. The dLAN 200 AVhost is equipped with a Linux-based host controller, which provides a new platform for the further development of devolo business products. The dLAN 200 AVhost is suitable for networking larger buildings such as hotels and hospitals where centralised network management is required. A modular layout allows the device to be used with the HomePlug standard and also with the UPA standard, so ensuring that compatibility to existing devolo business products is maintained.