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Private customers / 25.10.2017

Broadband World Forum: devolo presents solutions for smart in-home mobility


This year’s Broadband World Forum is all about freedom! At booth D102, devolo is presenting innovative solutions that enable customers to experience the best in-home WiFi connection possible - even when moving from room to room. Smart Intelligent WiFi is devolo’s main showcase at this event. This new technology from devolo combines three key features that put an end to sticky clients and unfair bandwidth assignment.

With its new Smart Intelligent WiFi technology, devolo addresses the need for seamless connectivity across the home. The technology combines three key features: Advanced Roaming, Airtime Fairness and Band Steering.Advanced Roaming ensures that WiFi-enabled devices are always connected to the strongest, most stable hotspot within the home. Airtime Fairness prevents older or slower devices from slowing down the entire network, by assigning more airtime to newer WiFi ac products that transmit data faster. This results in a noticeable increase in the speed of the entire WiFi network. Moreover, Smart Intelligent WiFi continuously checks the utilisation of the various channels in the 2.4 and 5 GHz ranges and has the flexibility to select the most optimal channel through band steering. Smart Intelligent WiFi is already available as an upgrade for the PLC 1200+ WiFi ac series of devolo’s powerline adapter. In addition to that, upcoming powerline WiFi adapters will be equipped with the technology from the start.devolo’s latest innovation is highly beneficial for clients because it enables operators to meet the growing expectations that customers demand for their home network. Thus, devolo is addressing a market for customers who want to roam around their home and have a seamless connection versus being tethered to a wired LAN connection. “Clients want to decide for themselves when and where they surf the Internet, listen to music or stream 4k/UHD content.”, Werner Fehn, Vice President Product Management at devolo says. “They expect a seamless interruption-free connection across the entire home. Service providers are giving them the freedom of smart in-house mobility and have the opportunity to create an even better customer experience which leads to stronger customer retention.”With its leading portfolio of powerline and WiFi solutions, devolo has become a long-term partner of international Internet Service Providers and operators. As the world market leader for powerline communications, with over 34 million dLAN adapters shipped, devolo has developed deep insights into the needs and expectations of customers. devolo is the shining light into what was formerly an impenetrable “black box” for most ISPs or operators, also known as the client’s home where many variables are out of an operator’s control. devolo uses this expertise and experience to actively reduce the churn rate of customers and to help to improve our partners’ Net Promoter Score.Media briefingsMedia can discuss devolo’s market approach with Werner Fehn, Vice President Product Management at devolo, who is available for interviews on 24 October. Besides, Verena Gehrmann, Brand Manager Operator Solutions at devolo, is present from 24 to 26 October. Journalists wanting arrange and a media briefing can contact her at: