Press release

Private customers / 28.06.2005

ADSL modems from devolo support data rates of 6 Mbps


devolo’s complete ADSL product range is equipped for higher DSL bandwidths. devolo AG reacted in good time to the higher bandwidths available with DSL connections that are now being introduced in Germany. The current range of ADSL products from devolo—including internal and external modems, LAN and dLAN routers with integrated modems—fully supports the new DSL bandwidth of up to 6 Mbps.

More and more DSL and Internet service providers are upgrading their DSL data rates to offer their customers high-speed Internet for multimedia applications. New online services such as video streaming, video on demand, online banking or interactive gaming will increase the demand for higher bandwidth in the near future. In response, T-Com is to offer 6-Mbps DSL connections nationwide as of July 1, 2005. A host of providers are advertising these speeds and will be following up with increased DSL bandwidths in summer 2005. “devolo very closely observes developments in DSL access technology and carries out intensive product development as a targeted and market-orientated strategy. New trends are identified and evaluated at an early stage to ensure that they are available in time for their market launch. The current range of ADSL products from devolo fully supports the impending jump in performance, meaning that our customers can use new Internet services that demand higher bandwidths without delay,” explains Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. Customers already using an ADSL modem from devolo do not need to buy a new modem to take advantage of the faster Internet connections of the future. To change from existing ADSL connections to the new 6 Mbps speeds, devolo modems do not require any adjustment or setup; they are already equipped for the higher data rates. Further information is available from: