Press release

Private customers / 23.04.2003

ADSL modem with Ethernet interface


devolo AG, based in Aachen, Germany, introduces the MicroLink ADSL Fun LAN, a new ADSL modem with an Ethernet interface at a RRP of EUR 99.90. This Plug&Play model is compatible to T-DSL and T-DSL 1500 from Deutsche Telekom, can handle several computers in combination with a router, and comes with an all-round security package. This modem also supports U-R2.

In a translucent, ice-blue housing in a cool devolo design, this new ADSL modem with Ethernet interface is devolo’s answer to Deutsche Telekom’s plain-grey classic, the Teledat 300 LAN. In combination with a router, this modem can simultaneously connect multiple PCs to an ADSL connection. “And that’s not all: The MicroLink ADSL Fun LAN works perfectly with our MicroLink dLAN that offers Internet access via household power sockets and easy home networking”, says devolo’s CEO Heiko Harbers.

The ADSL modem offers high-speed Internet at up to 8 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream, it support the PPP over Ethernet protocol and is suitable for Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me and Windows XP. A five metre (15 ft) telephone cable is supplied as standard and offers freedom of movement. The modem is supplied with a three metre Ethernet cable for connecting to PCs with a network card or adapter, and does not require the PC to be opened up or even switched off.

The package also includes the devolo Security Package with the NORMAN Personal Firewall and the virus scanner NORMAN Virus Control. On CD-ROM are the modern classified directory klickWeb and a PPPoE client (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet). The manufacturer grants a 3-year warranty on the product. Heiko Harbers: “Our modems are subject to thorough quality assurance here in Germany to ensure optimal functionality with all operating systems, country versions and protocols”.

The MicroLink ADSL Fun LAN is immediately available at a RRP of EUR 99.90 from specialist resellers and from all of the familiar retailers in Germany. Test samples are available to the press upon request.