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Private customers / 14.08.2018

A world premier at IFA 2018: devolo Magic merges Mesh-WiFi with Powerline for speeds up to 2,400 Mbps

A world premier at IFA 2018: devolo Magic merges Mesh-WiFi with Powerline for speeds up to 2,400 Mbps

devolo presents devolo Magic - Start living in the future today! This new product line offers more speed, more range and more stability. In short, devolo Magic is the new standard in the area of home networking. To accomplish this, devolo has—for the first time ever—combined today‘s most powerful WiFi with Powerline technologies. The resulting devolo Magic offers the best Mesh-WiFi convenience while using a new chip generation based on the architecture for the Powerline segment. The new chips make speeds of up to 2,400 Mbps possible. A new auto-pairing feature makes installation easier than ever. devolo Magic—for magical multimedia experiences throughout the home.

Experience the home network of the future today

With devolo Magic, devolo is offering the best of both the WiFi and the Powerline worlds. "As the backbone for high-performance WiFi, Powerline has enormous advantages," says Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "Using Powerline as the backbone technology, the signal does not get blocked by ceilings or walls. With this new Powerline generation based on architecture, we advance into an entirely new performance dimension."

Instead of the 1,200 Mbps offered up until now, these new high-end adapters provide data rates up to 2,400 Mbps. Currently, this makes them the fastest Powerline products on the market, giving customers the best possible user experience for all of today‘s multimedia applications. And that‘s not the whole of it: Because devolo Magic provides resources enough to run the entertainment world of tomorrow. These products make it possible to transmit multiple 4K—or even 8K—videos throughout the home, simultaneously and flawlessly. Data-hungry virtual reality applications and maximum-speed online games are a snap, as is stable access to all cloud-based applications for customers working out of their home offices.

The magic behind devolo Magic

devolo is using second-generation chips for the first time. In doing so, the company is strongly underscoring its leadership in technology. The Powerline chips provide an enormous increase in performance and considerable improvement to stability and range. The new devolo Magic adapters can handle line lengths up to 500 metres, allowing them to easily convert any power socket into a high-speed Internet access point.

Mesh-WiFi included

All devolo Magic series WiFi adapters offer top-level Mesh-WiFi. And they‘re equipped with completely new and improved WiFi functions. "Fast Roaming" ensures all WiFi clients, such as smartphones and tablets, are always connected to the strongest WiFi hotspot. This is especially important when people move from room to room with their mobile devices. “Config Sync” allows the router‘s WiFi configuration data to be transferred with ease to all WiFi access points (single SSID). In addition, the new “Airtime Fairness” feature processes the requests of fast WiFi clients at higher priority. This prevents older devices, which may require more time for a download, from creating WiFi bottlenecks. Integrated “Band Steering” ensures that all WiFi clients are automatically assigned to the best wireless channel and the optimum frequency. devolo Magic automatically makes all Mesh-WiFi functions available to its users.

Easy installation and greater convenience with a new app

Installation of the devolo Magic adapters has never been so easy. Once you‘ve plugged in the first adapter, all other adapters which are plugged in within the next two minutes are automatically paired; you don‘t need to press any other buttons. Subsequently, each power socket is equipped with a fast and individually encrypted Internet connection. The browser-based devolo Cockpit software is free of charge and can be used for further configuration.

devolo is releasing a new app just in time for the new product line. In addition to an even friendlier user interface, it offers an intuitive installation wizard which guides users, step-by-step, through the entire installation process.

In coming weeks and months, the app will undergo continuous enhancements to turn it into the main user tool with optimum usability. Planned features include Guest-WiFi, Parental Controls and a Speed-Test.

Product overview, prices and availability

At IFA 2018, devolo is presenting two product categories: devolo Magic 1 and devolo Magic 2. Both are available in LAN and WiFi versions.

The high-end model, devolo Magic 2 WiFi, is equipped with two gigabit LAN ports and fast WiFi ac with Mesh functionality. devolo Magic 2 LAN offers one gigabit port for connecting smart TVs, streaming boxes or gaming consoles to the network with an Ethernet cable. Both devolo Magic 2 models run at a maximum speed up to 2,400 Mbps on the Powerline leg.

The entry-level model of the new product line is the devolo Magic 1, with a bandwidth up to 1,200 Mbps over Powerline. Like its "big brother", the devolo Magic 1 WiFi model is also equipped with two Ethernet LAN ports as well as fast WiFi ac with Mesh functionality. devolo Magic 1 LAN offers one fast gigabit port for high-speed Internet connections.

All devolo Magic adapters have one aspect in common: the integrated electrical socket ensures no power socket goes to waste. The new devolo Magic models are compatible with all routers and work together seamlessly. They can also be run in parallel with other dLAN® adapters present on the same mains supply.

These WiFi products are available as Single Adapters, Starter Kits (with 2 adapters) and Multiroom Kits (with 3 adapters). The LAN models are available as single adapters and Starter Kits.

Product name Package name Price in euros (RRP)devolo Magic 1 LAN Single adapter 64.90devolo Magic 1 LAN Starter Kit 119.90devolo Magic 1 WiFi Single adapter 99.90devolo Magic 1 WiFi Starter Kit 149.90devolo Magic 1 WiFi Multiroom Kit 239.90

Product name Package name Price in euros (RRP)devolo Magic 2 LAN Single adapter 79.90devolo Magic 2 LAN Starter Kit 149.90devolo Magic 2 WiFi Single adapter 129.90devolo Magic 2 WiFi Starter Kit 199.90devolo Magic 2 WiFi Multiroom Kit 299.90

devolo Magic will become available in online shops and retail stores in the fourth quarter. devolo provides a three-year manufacturer‘s warranty on all products.

The devolo press team warmly invites you to learn about devolo Magic at IFA 2018 and looks forward to talking with you in person at Stand 126 in Hall 6.2. To schedule an appointment, please contact our PR agency at the e-mail address or call +49 911 979 220 80.