Press release

Private customers / 03.11.2008

A world first from devolo AG —dLAN TV Sat enables satellite TV reception at every electrical outlet in every room


The Aachen-based market leader is presenting the world‘s first DVB-S receiver that uses the power grid for television signal transmission—the dLAN TV Sat. devolo AG, the powerline specialist, is expanding its dLAN home network product range with a highly innovative world first. The Aachen-based market leader is presenting the world‘s first DVB-S receiver that uses the power grid for television signal transmission—the dLAN TV Sat. Like the other dLAN products by devolo, this digital satellite receiver also operates with the familiar HomePlug technology, sending the TV signal without an antenna cable from the satellite dish to every electrical outlet in the house, where it can be viewed on a computer. devolo thus offers a solution for houses or apartments without antenna wiring and provides DVB-S television free of stutter and in HD quality. The new dLAN TV Sat will be available in stores in November.

DVB-S anywhere in the houseDigital satellite TV reception was previously only possible in those rooms where an antenna cable connection was available. In many cases the only room with a connection is the living room, which is why we have the same argument every evening: Does he get to watch the football game or does she get to watch the new episode of "Ready Steady Cook"? devolo now offers the ideal solution: The new dLAN TV Sat turns the computer into a second TV set for digital satellite reception. Without having to route antenna cables, you are now able to easily distribute a DVB-S signal in SDTV/HDTV quality via the household electrical wiring. devolo‘s new innovation consists of an HD-ready DVB-S2 receiver with an integrated dLAN 200 AV adapter, which feeds the DVB-S signal into the mains power supply. The television program can be received at any power socket in the house using another dLAN 200 AV adapter and shown on a computer just like on a conventional LCD TV. The high data rate of 200 Mbps and integrated quality mechanisms ensure consistently high reception quality and stutter-free transmission.

Simple installation – high value

As is the case with other devolo products, the installation of the dLAN TV Sat is extremely easy. The dLAN TV Sat is directly connected near the satellite dish to the LNB or a multiswitch via the coax connection and then connected to the mains power supply via a power outlet. Alternatively, you can also connect the device to an antenna cable connection in those rooms that have it. The DVB-S signal is retrieved from the power grid at any power outlet in the building using a second dLAN adapter and can be viewed on a connected computer. The user is thus given free choice: The satellite signal can be accessed at every power outlet. A further advantage is the time-shifting function because an integrated EPG (Electronic Program Guide) allows you to conveniently record TV programs on the hard drive. You can also enjoy high-quality audio thanks to Dolby Surround sound (AC3) support. The dLAN TV Sat is delivered with a remote control and an infrared receiver so that you will not have to go without the ease of use of conventional televisions.

The ideal solution for your teen‘s room or home office

The dLAN TV Sat is the ideal second television on the computer in your teen‘s room or home office and requires less space than a TV set. Since it is not necessary to route additional antenna cables, this solution from devolo is also a much more inexpensive option. The dLAN TV Sat will become available in November for 259.90 euro. The starter kit, which includes a dLAN 200 AVeasy adapter, will be priced at 299.90 euro.