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Trade area / 06.08.2015

"A powerful connection": devolo is demonstrating new Smart Home and Powerline products at the IFA 2015


devolo has chosen "Smart Home & Powerline - A powerful connection" as its central theme for the IFA 2015, and is demonstrating new products for intelligent home control and home networking. These include new Home Control components such as a humidity sensor for constantly measuring temperature and humidity. The new Home Control Alarm Siren provides security against unauthorised intruders and warns occupants and neighbours. The new Home Control Water Detector offers reliable protection against water damage, and can be fitted under washing machines or dishwashers, for example. The three new flush-mounted modules for power outlets, lighting, dimmer and roller shutter control enable exceptionally smart integration into the home. They can turn existing switches into intelligent switches, enabling household electrical systems to be controlled and automated. The core of devolo Home Control is the user-friendly software, which enables its users to set up and control all of the components with ease. Alongside its new Smart Home components, devolo is also presenting a new Powerline adapter for home networking at the IFA. The dLAN® 550 WiFi ensures that high-speed WiFi and Internet access is available in every room in the house, providing significantly better WiFi range within the home network.

Smart Home and Powerline: devolo is connecting the best of both worlds

devolo is presenting seven new products for its Smart Home system and for easy home networking at the IFA 2015 with its "Smart Home & Powerline - A powerful connection" display. The devolo trade fair stand features interactive houses that enable end customers and business partners to experience how intuitive and easy it is to install and operate the "devolo Home Control". The centrepiece of the stand is the devolo app, and visitors will have the opportunity to try it out for themselves.
With "devolo Home Control", which has been available from March this year, devolo is offering a comprehensive solution for intelligent home control, covering the areas of security, comfort and energy conservation. However, this does not mean that devolo has forgotten its Powerline roots, and the Central Unit of its Home Control system is based on Powerline technology, thereby connecting the two product ranges.

New: devolo Home Control with three new sensors and actuators

devolo is presenting three new sensors and actuators for its Home Control system range at the IFA 2015. The indoor siren is an intelligent alarm device that represents an ideal supplement to the devolo Motion Sensor and Door/Window Contact. It emits an acoustic signal to scare off unwanted intruders or warn neighbours, for example. In addition, the user is automatically sent a warning message via SMS, e-mail or the app.
The new water detector offers additional security. If the sensor of the devolo Water Detector comes into contact with a liquid, the Home Control user will be alerted. The water detector is fitted next to the washing machine or dishwasher, for example, to ensure that the water can be shut off quickly before significant damage is caused.
The final piece of the new product line is the humidity sensor. This sensor regularly checks the temperature and humidity, enabling problems such as mould growth or unhealthy indoor air to be prevented, in old and new buildings alike.

New: devolo Home Control flush-mounted switch, dimmer and roller shutter control modules

devolo is expanding its Smart Home product range with three flush-mounted components that are fitted by a qualified installer and are directly connected to the 230 V power grid. The new flush-mounted modules can be installed in standard switch boxes. The new flush-mounted switch can be integrated either behind a light switch or behind a power outlet. Once the switch is installed, the light can be switched on and off either mechanically or via a wireless smartphone or tablet connection. If it is installed behind a power outlet, the flush-mounted switch can switch the power supply to the connected power consumers on and off and measure their power consumption. Integrating the flush-mounted dimmer into the devolo Home Control system provides convenient lighting control, enabling users to control the brightness over a wireless connection or using predefined rules. The final piece of the portfolio is the flush-mounted roller shutter control, which is a module designed to be integrated into a roller shutter switch.

All three new flush-mounted modules now enable the user to use a smartphone, a tablet or a computer to control and automate electrical components that previously could only be operated using a switch or a dimmer. They enable the user to determine, anywhere in the world and at any time, whether the ceiling or staircase light is switched on or off, and see whether the roller shutters are closed merely with a glance at the Home Control software or app. It also provides clear statistics to show when specific components were switched on or off and how much power they consumed.

New dLAN® 550 WiFi for improved WiFi range within the home network

The new dLAN® 550 WiFi provides a high-speed Internet and WiFi connection within the home network. The dLAN® 550 WiFi turns rooms that previously had no or poor WiFi coverage into WiFi hotspots. The adapter can transfer data at speeds of up to 500 Mbps over a power line and up to 300 Mbps over WiFi. This even enables full HD video to be streamed quickly and smoothly from anywhere in the house. Thanks to its integrated range+ technology, dLAN® 550 WiFi uses all three wires in the power lines, ensuring particularly stable and long-range data transmission. WiFi Move technology is also integrated, enabling all devolo Powerline adapters to be linked together to form one large "WiFi umbrella" that allows mobile terminal devices to automatically select the strongest WiFi access point. This is particularly relevant for using a tablet or smartphone throughout the entire house or even in the garden.

devolo at the IFA: Hall 3.2, stand 225

The new devolo products can all be experienced live at the stand in hall 3.2, stand 225. devolo experts will provide clear demonstrations of how quickly and easily you can set up your own smart home. Interesting offers for devolo sales partners are available as part of a new marketing campaign to ensure successful end of year business. Almost the entire devolo sales and marketing department will be available for specialist discussions with interested parties.